November 26, 2008


Listen In: Brent flipping channels, dishwasher, and laundry

Beauty in the common things: Ice cold Dr Pepper

Dinner: Tacos ( funny story to follow...)

Today I: spent the day being lazy with the girls, took a nap when hubby got home, went to the bank, bought baby boy a Bumbo chair, and of all places walmart! Hubby spent the afternoon ( is still currently smoking a brisket and ribs)

So, today I already explained I was lazy. It was very lovely to sleep in! I love to spend the morning in bed. Mornings would be fine if they didn't come so freaking early in the day! The girls were really sweet and quietly watched cartoons until I got up this morning. We straightened up the house...such a never ending job..and then they spent the rest of the day- literally playing outside. Madison had dirt everywhere when she came in- YUK But, they had fun. Apparently Meghan and Austin washed Justin's truck with a spray bottle of water. They have decided to start a car washing business at 50 cents a car and when they reach $100 they are going to give the money to the American Heart Association. Isn't that sweet? I really hope that Justin knew they were going to wash his new truck. I think he has had it for all of two months. Hum...I am glad I wasn't home for this event. I had left to go buy Baby boy a Bumbo chair. I finally found one at KidtoKid for 21.00. A pretty good deal I think. It is lavender...I did call and confirm with Brent that he would not freak out that I had bought his little boy a lavender, I mean Purple, Bumbo chair. Let's just call it Purple. My favorite color. Ya, that's why I got it :) So, I get home and make dinner. Well it seems that one of my very sweet, generous little girls has taken my can of refried beans to the food pantry. Huh? They seem to always grab what I am planning to use and I never seem to notice before hand. Now it seems I have to go to Wal-Mart on the night before Thanksgiving for a can of refried beans. Me and everyone else in town! It took forever!!!! The girls made their gift lists. Ya, they seem to have thought I am made of money. I had the fun of explaining that just because it is on the list doesn't mean they are going to get it. Kids. Gotta love them!

Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2008


Listen In: Baby swing, Bedknobs and Broomsticks on the TV ( I loved this movie as a child and DD7 had decided she does too!)

View out the Window: Dark

Beauty in the Common things: Peaceful nights

Dinner Plans: fend for yourself...had McDonalds Day today

So, today I took Baby boy to the doctor for his 4 month check up and shots. I hate the shots part! He now weighs 14lbs and 10 oz and is 27 inches long...and he is getting his first tooth~!!!! This makes for a very adorable and grumpy baby! Dr. Davis told me to stop freaking out about his large soft spot and the little ridges I can feel...he assured me this would smooth out and be fine. Ok...between us...I am still freaking out about it! He is eating food now too! We have had: cerals-he hates those, apples, bananas, pears, and carrots. He loves Carrots! I think I will do green beans next. That should be fun. I made all of his veggies baby food myself. Not that it was organic veggies, steam them, and puree in the blender. Done! I got these way cool ice tray things for baby food at babiesrus and I love them. You can freeze the babies food in these little 2oz wedges. So, I have baggies of Carrots, squash, sweet potatos, and green beans in the freezer. The fruit I have been buying at the store in premade jars.
Yesterday was American Heros day at the girls school. I will post pictures later. DD7 was Sacaqweah? and DD5 was Sally Ride. I wanted her to be Krista McColluff..but I deciede that might be in poor taste. DD7 wants to learn to scrapbook and make signs with me. I dont' know if I am ready to let her loose with my scrapbooking supplies. But, It does give me a good Christmas present Idea for her.
So, a friend of mine tagged me:

Seven random things about me:

1. It took me 5 summers to learn to waterski and I never was able to use a kneeboard. The first time I did get up on the ski's, I was so shocked I just let go!

2. I have to stop and read the historical markers on the roads I drive by, I just think it is so interesting to know what happened here before. I love history! Last summer, on the way to Luckenbach we stopped at a road side historical marker to find a hundred year old school still had a well in front. Very cool!

3. Along those same lines...I have a British coin in my car that was minted in 1875! Think about who could have had it. Back then only the very rich had money and coins to spend. Wow!

4. I met my DH in the college bar hangout Shenanigans. My roommate wanted to introduce me to her boyfriends bull riding partner. I remember thinking...please let the cute one with the great eyes be mine! Thank the Lord for being in the wrong place at the right time! By the way...her boyfriend was NOT a bullrider and DH was not his partner! : ) Now you know that is funny!

5. I refuse to live where I have to drive thru cornfields and will not live near active fault lines either! But, to those who will....More power to ya!

6. I wish I lived in the country, on a farm, and didn't have to do any of the physical labor! I actually miss having to get Mammaw's special brand of fertilizer...or actually I just miss my Mammaw! I know she is watching over me though.

7. Hurricane Ike destroyed my hometown on the same day of the year that my beloved Mammaw died. September 13. Isn't that wierd? Not really about me...but I just realized that a few days ago and it really freaks me out!

Ok, I tag...

It says we have to do seven...I don't know seven Julie is picked!

Ok, I am tired and I am going to bed!

November 22, 2008


Listen In: Food Network on, Baby B Laughing in the swing

View from the window: Breezy, cold trees

Plans for the day: relax, a quick trip to Kohls, working on crafts, and work later

Dinner Plans: Hashbrown Soup and rolls

Beauty in the Common things: Fall Leaves and Holiday Dinner

So, last night we had our holiday pictures was a lot less of an ordeal than DH acted like it was! Baby boy was even cooperative. Not much else going on! Stressing about the Holidays. But, isn't everybody?

Enjoy the pictures of my little angels:

November 14, 2008

Girls Night Out

Listen In: baby snoring in the baby swing, girls playing something, DD7 reading to sister from a great big book about dogs, and wind

View Out the Window: sunset and blowing trees

Plans: today I worked, came home...relaxed, and I am about to go out to dinner with my girl friends

Dinner: see above

Beauty in the Common things: a clean house


Finally a cold front is blowing in. November should never be warm enough for tank tops and capri's. At least I don't think so! This week has flown by! I was sick with a stomach bug that has been running rampant through my community. YUK. I just hope and pray the girls and baby don't get it. DH can take care of himself. I would of course feel sorry for him...but it would be much, much less work on my part. On Sunday afternoon, one of my girl friends had a Holiday Open house. I took my signs and the photo braclets I have been making. I was so nervous about putting myself out there like that. But, my crafts were recieved well. For that I am Thankful. I even got in a night of scrapbooking in. That was a treat! The girls are getting ready to have a play date at a friends house and all the moms are going to dinner! No kids! Whoo Hoo! Well maybe the baby. We'll see. Other than that...pretty boring around here...

Until next time

November 10, 2008

Life at hour house

The last several days we have been pretty laid back around here! The girls spent a long weekend with thier Aunt. Baby boy stayed home with me and daddy. Saturday some favorite Ennis friends dropped by to visit. I don't get to see them often enough so this was a treat! Sunday, I had a Holiday Open house and took my signs and the bracelets I have been making. I was really, really nervous about it. It went very good! THis week promises to be great! I have a test at school tomorrow but I think it will be fine! That's about it!

November 3, 2008

My week in Pictures

Baby B is the cutest Bear ever!

DD7, DD5, and DH as the Overprotective Daddy

DD5 is a High School Musical Cheerleader

DD7 is Hannah Montana...we used her dance costume from tap...she was a little too grown up looking for her Daddy

My sweet Baby Boy is 3 months old now

Isn't he just precious?

DD5 and I enjoyed a class fieldtrip to Mainstay Farms Pumpkin Patch. Much better than when DD7 went. It was sunny and cool this time and not cold and rainy like 3 years ago!

Life is getting back to normal now. DS is sleeping all night long (most nights) and school is a better routine now. I am not as busy as I have been in the past. DH and I made the difficult decision to withdrawl our girls from dance class. We need to be more frugal and it was simply too much extra expense. DD7 is understandablely upset but she is being a big girl about the whole thing. Thank the Lord for his blessings! So, we have more free time together as a family. The girls are getting excited about the holidays and making their lists. This year is going to be a much scaled down event at our house. What about you?

October 21, 2008

A little bit of news...

Listen in: All of the household automatic cleaning appliances in full swing..oh and crickets

Beauty in the common things: a freshly swept floor and dishes done... (those that know me well will understand the joy this brings)

Dinner: grilled cheese for girls and fried toast for me

Plans today: I had plans to do a lot but got sick instead...took the girls to school and came home to sleep till 12:36 to be exact

Prayer needs: Continued prayer for Monica and family and friends in San Leon...rebuilding is so slow. Family control and budget control. Wellness to come back to my home...I am so tired of someone being sick!

So, as I mentioned previously...the house has been plagued with a bought of sickness. Yuk! From headaches that rival labour to upchucking and extremely unexpected visits to the potty...we all feel crummy around here. Hopefully this is coming to an end.
Yesterday miss Madison had the crud and stayed home from school. Last night a very sweet friend from church came over to babysit her so I could go to work. Well, she had a high time letting Meghan know that she and only she got to have a babysitter. My children seem to think having a babysitter is the coolest thing ever...maybe because they never get this little privilege! Anyway, she tried very hard to con Sarah into using the easy bake oven. Sarah replied to her, "I can't cook...I will burn the house down if I try!" "'s an easy bake oven.." replies Madison. Like duh!
Also on her mind... on Friday evening Brent's Dad and his wife took us to have dinner a Babe's Chicken. This is a treat that we do not do often. Madison needed to use the bathroom. If you have never been to Babe's, you might not know that you have to go down this dark hallway to the bathroom and the doors are hidden in the wall. Who's idea this was I will never know. Anyway, as we all know it is Halloween time. Great. The hallway is decorated with creepy and spooky things. Madison does NOT do Scary! She gets almost to the hidden door ( scary enough for her) and sees the creepy skeleton at the end of the dark hallway. She turns on her heal and back out of there she goes. I had to make her come back out and go to the restroom. Well, on our way back to the table a grandpa aged gentleman and his grandson come bopping down the hall. To the hidden door bathrooms. Grandpa can't see in the dark and manages to push open the only door that looks like a door. The only problem is that...that was the fire exit. Alarm sounds and Madison and I come out of the hall. All eyes on us. She announces to the wasn't was the the old man. Just then, the little boy that was with him comes tearing out of the hallway hollering...I didn't do it! It was pretty darn funny! Madison has decided that now, she wants to work at Babe's Chicken when she grows up. The girls do a chicken slash line dance to Boot Scootin Boogie...that includes a "whoop" out loud. Thanks girls the baby was asleep! So, this is now Madison's life plan. We agreed she could work there during high school.
Meghan has decided that reading is the coolest ever and she needs walkie talkies. The little boy next door has some. Have to thank his mom. I told her that she did not need walkie talkies, as she yells loud enough with out them. She has become my big helper with Braeden. She loves to hold and feed him. I do not love for her to walk around with him...she tries to though. I wish she could help clean her room so well. We are working on it!
Braeden is getting quite the little personality. He just loves his momma. How would have ever thought I would have the cutest little boy God ever created! I just love him. Kids aren't they the greatest?

Off to bed! Consider yourself updated!

October 15, 2008

Listen In: a train in the distance, my girls playing in their room, and the baby swing

Beauty in the Common things: baby firsts: finding his hands, smiles in the mornings

Plans: McDonalds Play dates, Awannas for DD5, Dance Class for DD7, and church for me

Dinner Plans: Breakfast for Dinner

Today is a quite peaceful day. I am busy but what is news about that? I read the sweetest book to my class..."The Oak inside the Acorn" by Max Lucado. I highly recommend this book. I almost cried...of course that could be the post pregnancy hormones too! So, DD5 has decided that she wants to go to Awannas every week instead of our church. I am ok with this because I loved Awannas when I was a little girl. This is her second week. Yep we are busy, busy, busy. I love it!
Baby Boy is sleeping almost all night now! WooHoo. That alone is worth celebrating. He smiles this adorable little baby smile when he sees me now. It just melts my heart! I love it. Right now he is fast asleep in his swing...which he loves! I better go get some house work done!

September 28, 2008


Listen In: Blissful Silence!

Dinner: Pasta I thought we would try out of the freezer section. I thought it was discusting...the girls loved it! Who knew?

Beauty in the common things: Baby's dressed for church

Prayer Needs: I need peace with what has befallen my mom. I know that in no way am I responsible or do I need to be the one to save her...but, I am heart weary anyway. I know she has to pull herself up from her bootstraps and make a new start. Many of those I know and love have to do the same thing. I pray for the girls to continue to be blessed at school. They both love their teachers and are excited about each new day. I know that is no small feat! I pray for self control in all the area's that I need it. The Lord knows what those are. I pray for DH to excell at work and to find that position he will love. If that means we be it. I pray for wisdom in seeing the opportunity that presents itself and not all the obsticles in the way. I pray for all the Ike victims...may they see the Rainbow at the end of the storm and feel blessings come in some way.

Today is Sunday. We spent the morning at church. The Baby B spent the morning in the nursery, where I am assured he was never put down. He seemed to thrive on all of the attention. The girls went with MiMi to eat lunch at Chili's and to see Sleeping Beauty at Casa Manana. This is their "thing" they do with Mimi...and they love it! I love that I am not the one that has to sit for two hours with them : ) Although, I too have had my fair share of filling in for MiMi when life has gotten two busy for her to take them. I don' think they have missed one show in several years!

There are a couple of things I want to be sure and do this year...I seem to always have a list and never do it! So, I am writing down my list for this year now:

1.) Attend the King Tut exhibit in Dallas, and the Jehesbut one in Fort Worth. I am completlety intrigued by Egyptian History. I find it facinating! I hope to see them with DD7...the little one is not as into history as the big girl! She is much like her mama.

2.) Go to the Fort Worth Civil war museum. I think that would be sooo cool!

3.) Take the girls fossil hunting by Lake Worth...again. Last time we found a geological marker and saw a Horned Toad laying eggs. Very cool.

4.) Go to the FlowerMound pumbkin patch with the whole family and take fall pictures.

5.) See the Wizard of Oz on the big screen in Dallas

6.) Take the girls to a drive in: High School Musical 3 in Ennis be continued!

September 27, 2008

Should be busy....

Listen in: sports on the news (Yuk!) and the washer running

Plans for the night: laundry and a straighting around the house

View out the window: Dark

Dinner plans: made the girls eat yogurt and I had a handful of chips... (won't be winning the mom of the year award this year)

What we did today: DD5 had to dance at Wild West Fest, DD7 could have danced...had she been going to class. She thought she wanted to quit. Changed her mind. No class no Dance in public. I bet she won't be skipping class again. I went to the half price sale at the JBF sale. Got some good stuff. I wish I had more money to spend...I could have went wild in there! Then we went to church. Baby Boy went to the church nursery for the first time. I almost cried. Not that I don't trust our Nursery people...I completely do. It's just that means he is already getting too big! He started screaming about 1/2 thru service and they paged me. So, I took him into church with me. DD7 was singing on stage with the elementary kids tonight and he got to hear them in the end. Of course, he went to sleep and looked all sweet and cuddly. No one believes that he screams for hours on end. HE DOES! He also loves Grey's Anatomy! He was screaming tonight until I turned on my recorded episode from Thursday night. I have been meaning to watch it. Anyway, he went straight to sleep and didn't make a peep! The girls, however, did not watch it. They spent the evening watching the food network. I hope this means DD7 will someday cook dinner every night! That would be awesome! Until then... Guess I need to get busy!

September 26, 2008

Kids are sooo funny!

My DD7 is so funny! This morning she and her daddy had the funniest little conversation. I am still tickled at her! It went something like this...

Daddy "You know if you save your money your 30's you could be a millionaire"

DD7 "I don't want to be a millionaire, Daddy. The question's are too hard!"

Isn't that funny? It was a cute wasy to start the day. Our afternoon ended with DS getting his first round of shots! He wieghs 11lbs 12oz and is 24inches long! Chunky Monkey! He laughed on Wednesday. So sweet! I love my family!!!!

September 16, 2008

Aftermath of Ike

Beauty in the common things: Friends who love me

Listen in: a Train in the distance ( I love that I can hear them sometimes)

I am sitting here tonight feeling helpless. I need to be there to help my mom. By all accounts...she lost everything. Her house is standing but that is the best thing I can say from the pictures I have. Monica went over there for me and sent a few pictures to prepare me for what I will see. I have been a basket case since Friday. The news media coverage of San Leon is crap. Plain and simple. I and many, many other people have been communicating via online blogs and forums. Thank God for the internet. Many people are missing loved ones...many more are missing their entire (and I mean entire) houses. They are just gone. My mom was lucky in that she found her house there. But, I think it might have been better if it had been wiped off entirely. The antique piano floated over to the front door and you can't get it open. As a result the house is full of mud. My mom said there is nothing to salvage but I can't beleive that there is absolutly nothing. She doesn't want me to come because she donesn't think I can emotionally handle it. But, for my own piece of mind...I have to. Beyond the fact that she doesn't have anyone at all helping her...I need to go home. My home...which is more than that house...has by all accounts been destroyed and I need to see that in order to come to terms with it. I plan to take pictures of some of the homes and send them to those that are begging for information via the internet and also to try and find something for my mom. I have friends here watching my kids for me and I will only be there for two days. I hope I can get a lot done in that amount of time. I hope to figure out what my mom is going to do. She didn't have any insurance and she doesn't even know where to begin to start. Thankfully she already filed with FEMA.

I just am having so much trouble wrapping my mind around what has happened. I know so many people must have lost their life. The numbers don't add up. I think the media is keeping it hush, hush. I pray for the families that are out there just waiting to hear about their homes, friends, and family. Lord give me strength to do what I need to do and to make it through this strong enough to shoulder the burden for my mom. Amen!

September 13, 2008

Advise from my Dad at 10:30 pm

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can...
and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Early rise

Beauty in the common things: Baby Boy loving his swing that moves side to side

Listen In: Houston Channel 11 News playing on the digital antenna of DH's swanky tv

Plans for the day: DD7 is dancing at the mall later today and honestly: watching more coverage of this horrible hurricane.

Dinner Plans: I have no idea...something easy???

Prayer Needs for the day: My mom: she is possbibly going to wake up to find her home destroyed; My Family: I have several family memebers who are just now getting the brunt of the storm and they are scared; My friends in the Galveston/Houston area: same thing as mom and family; Baby Boy: that the reflux medicine really does work...had a good day yesterday; DH: that he finds happiness and financal peace with his work; myself: that I can figure out how balance it all and not leave anyone out.

So, it is 5:18 am according to my laptop...for those that may not know it...I DO NOT getup this early. But, I can't sleep. I am so worried about things I cannot do anything about. I have been able to watch almost continous coverage of what's going on down there, because Channel 11 from Houston is simalcasting up here on DH's fancy tv. I know you might say that constant watching only makes it worse. But, not for me. I actually have more peace knowing what is currently going on. Not a peace by any stretch of the imagination but I feel more in control. Not that I am...but I feel a sense of the control you get from information. By all account's this is a very bad storm and the outcome will Not be good. I want to know WHY in the HELL (sorry) people would want to stay home? WHY WHY WHY???? Why would people stay with their children??? WHY WHY WHY? I am angry at these unknown people. IF they want to play russian roulet with their own be it. But, why would they do it to their kids? I just don't get it?! The people that live across the street, well catycorner from my mom, stayed in San Leon. They are thinking they will be ok to ride out the storm because they have a warehouse building with a store onthe bottom and the home on the top. The weather service was estimating a 20 foot storm surge..on top of high tide. This is crazy! The ditches there flood if it rains! My mom's house is only 6 feet above sea level. Yesterday morning the water was at the bulk head at 8am, at 1pm or so...there was a foot of water in her house. That was the estimate from the crazy friends that did not leave. So, now it is 5:33 am and the second half of the storm is over San Leon, water is neck high in Galveston, and 82 mile an hour gusts in downtown Houston. Pray. For those people that stayed put!

September 12, 2008


So, I am sitting on the living room floor, watching the Houston news. Somehow I am able to see it on the HD channels. Anyway, I am trying to wrap my brain around the fact that San Leon may not make it through this storm. It is mind boggling and scary. I am very glad my mom decided to leave. I am hoping that everyone I care about had the common sense to leave. Just sitting here see how bad Ike will be. Pray for Galveston and the surrounding coastal areas.

September 6, 2008

I am sooo tired....

Tonight I feel defeated. My house is a wreck, my homework isn't done, I am exhusted. DH went back to work last week and I have progressively gone downhill since. The girls are both back in school now and I have picked up some much needed hours at work, and I am taking one class two days a week at school; oh, and the girls have dance....

I know I do too much and usually I can do it with out feeling this way. Baby Boy sleeps every few nights well...but, several nights a week he screams. and screams, and screams. It is on these nights that I feel defeated. I am tired and DH is in bed for work at night. He has a CRAZY schedule and night I am it. Tonight, the kids and I went to church, came home, and I started getting things together for dinner...Baby boy started fussing and that progressed to screaming for three hours. In this time, I still need to make dinner, straighted my house, mother my girls, and get laundry done. I finally put baby boy down to scream in his bed while I finished dinner. (Red Beans and rice-yum!) When I picked him up this time...he allowed me to rock him to sleep. The girls finally got to eat dinner at 10 pm and I should be doing other stuff. But, I am sitting here feeling lonely, exhusted, and asking how am I going to make it?? A great song is on the radio Mountain of God by Third Day. I need to rewind that and listen to it again!
I know this pitty party is largely due to the stress of other things and the fact that DH has been home for several weeks. I got used to having him around to lean on. It will get better. I am going to let the house go and go to bed. I need sleep!

August 9, 2008


My sweet baby boy! I am so excited because Julie came to see me tonight! She lives WAYYY to far away! But, that is another story for another time! We got to have a good visit and hang out together for a little while!

I am heading off to bed because tomorrow I really have to get things going on my new business Idea!


August 7, 2008

Beauty in the common things: baby noises and DD5 talking to baby boy

Plans for the day:
girls to dentist, baby boy to doctor, set up new business venture blog, file 2ndary insurance claims, look for cat.

Dinner Plans: Leftovers

Listen In: the darn TV, Daddy telling DD5 to be careful with baby boy.

View from Window:
Sunny Skys

So, I have already been to the dentist...OH my goodness...the Toothbrushing police are going to appear at my house! Right now I am woofing down some leftover pizza because I gotta eat and baby boy has a doctor appointment in a little while...more later!

August 6, 2008

Beauty in the commom things: DH talking to his baby boy, his being home and snuggling with him in the mornings...before everyone wakes up! DH and DD5 sitting together in the large chair discussing the plans for sweet. And, yesterday...his painting her fingernails and toenails with hot pink polish!

Plans for the day: DD7 at dance camp, playdate at McDonalds...because it is wednesday and we always do, fold some laundry, bathe baby boy, and work on lesson plans for friend's baby girl.

Dinner plans: not sure, one of my McYaYa's is bringing dinner tonight

Listen in: DH watching the news, DD5 singing to baby boy and telling him I love You

View from the kitchen window: breezy banana trees

So, we are about to head over to McDonald's, have I ever mentioned I HATE McDonalds? Then we will come home and veg. DH is home and has been for weeks! I am certain my TV is about to explode from non-average use! Blessed silence when the tv is off is golden around here! Did I mention, DD7 has dance camp all week? There has been so much less fighting between siblings...that is a blessing too!

Must go get real clothes on and head out to McDonalds

August 4, 2008


Well, for starters let me simply say that I am up way too late tonight and completely relaxed in my SILENT home! DH is on paternity leave...because we have welcomed the newest addition to our family. We are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy! He was born on July 24th at 12:42pm. 7.5 Lbs and 21 inches long. He is actually my biggest baby! Everything went fairly well and there were really only a couple of stressful moments that had to do with his birth. Now, let me just say...I am not one of those women who find their happy Zen place in a completely natural birth; DD5 came dang near that way and I didn't get a metal for the extra effort and pain. So...I was more than happy to get my epidural...even when it took 3 tries! Yikes!!! Then I basically slept until it was time to deliver. I woke up here and there but didn't feel ANYTHING!!! and was happier for it! DS had some trouble transitioning to breathing and had a trip to the NICU...but all was well and he got to be in my room that night. We came home last Saturday afternoon and we have all been trying to figure out this extra baby thing.
Whoever told me that it was harder to bring home the 2nd child and after that...its no big deal with the additional kids...really???? Please tell me when that easy part starts! Of course it could have something to do with the heat. Did you know that when they tell you the forcasted temperature for the day...they mean in the shade!!! So, today when it was 107 degrees outside...they meant in the SHADE. So, obviously my girls can't go outside and play! They are bored and ready for some summer activities and between the new baby broke syndrome, the heat, and the heat...we are spending a lot of time inside. Which means they are under my feet all day long. I have little to no patience with this, by the way, and so I end up yelling at them. Then I feel bad because I yelled at them and really can you blame them? I have decided to try and let loose some of the uptightness in me. Now...if ya'll out there in the cyber world could simply tell me how????

March 23, 2008

I seem to post around Holiday's...hmmmmm in previous posts...another holiday has come and gone. Today is Easter. We love Easter around here. But, this year it was very low key. There are not many things exciting for me to tell the world. We did find out our little bundle of joy is a Boy. DH is understandably excited about this! Already planning a football themed nursery. I am dealing with all this testosterone in my own special way : )
Ignoring it and hoping he changes his mind. In other news, we painted the bedroom our DD's share. I will have to post a picture or two when it is finished. Painted yes...finished no. My plan before DS comes is to have this house painted, carpet cleaned, and home decluttered. Well, we will see.

Ok Gigi...I posted ;)

January 17, 2008

Nothing better to do than update my blog...

So, let's see...Christmas and New years have come and gone. The girls had a wonderful time and got every single thing their little heart desired...well except for a Wii, PS2, and Heelies. But, Santa can't get them everything they want on a daily basis. Life is busy and we do the best we can. The newest news is that I am unexpectedly Pregnant with baby number 3. We are no longer in shocked mode...but, are starting to get things figured out. The most frustrating part is that I am miserable at night. This is not to DH's benefit..if you know what I mean. During the day I am very tired by mid afternoon. This has resulted in many naps and a Filthy house! I just can't seem to get it all together at one time. I almost have all the laundry done...and I am hoping that this week I can finally get all the Holiday decorations in the attic. The most frustrating element to this situation is that I just recently got rid of the bulk of my baby stuff. So, now we have to get most of it all over again...ahhgg! I am hopeing for a boy. DH would love a boy and I plan to NOT have anymore kiddos. Maybe in the future I would like to adopt. But, I know that I am content with this last baby coming as my last baby. And that is ok. Im laying here on the bed with my laptop and I can feel baby moving around in my tummy. I forgot how weird that feels. Some women love that feeling. It kinda freaks me out a little bit : ) But, I know this baby is a Blessing from God and I am excited about it~!

That and the fact I am about to got to bed....maybe I will actually update before the baby comes : )