November 24, 2007


So, another Holiday has come and gone. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays. You don't have to buy everyone with Santa or The Easter Bunny...perplex for hours for a costume that will be worn maybe one time and then lost in the shuffle. You, instead, simply cook and spend time with those who you love. I really do love Thanksgiving!

October 17, 2007

A beautiful Rainbow


Plans for the day: Took Dd6 to the Dr. Scrapbooking Later

Dinner plans: Leftover potato soup Yum

Listen in: Girls playing in their room

View outside: Windy day

Looks like DD6 has a "strep like" virus. Well, that diagnosis was no help! This only means that I get to miss work again...just my luck! Other than that...nothing much going on. Life is busy and I plan to relax for the next couple of days!


October 12, 2007


Plans for the Day: 1. Clean up the messy house. Its not nasty Messy...just messy! 2. Get things together for the Polar Bear Garage Sale. 3. Evaluate my budget 4. Line up I'll babysit for you if you babysit for me arrangements for class tomorrow

Listen In: Very quiet house. About to turn on the praise music channel on Sirius. Love makes you feel good inside!

Dinner Plans: Beef Picante... at least get everything ready for the crock pot tomorrow. No kids tonight...not gonna cook!

View from the office window: Not one today...the blinds are closed. But from the desk...(and the backyard window)... I can see Banana Trees blowing in the breeze and a lovey sunny day.

My Mood Today: Feeling good. Like I could get a lot accomplished!

So, if I am able to work a full week...anytime soon, it will be a miricle. DD4 was running fever last night. Today, its low grade. End result...I get another day off. So, I am trying to get a lot accomplished that tomorrow I can not worry about anything other than school and work., work,, school, school, kids, kids, kids! BUSY!

DH and I went to a great Marriage workshop last weekend. I highly suggest anyone who is married and can make it to one of Gary Chapman's classes...YOU DO. It was great. DH, who was only there because he loves me and I made him go...enjoyed it! And, that night he cleaned my kitchen. HUH? I was so shocked! I thought my MIL had come over while I was sleeping and cleaned if for me. I asked DD6...who cleaned the kitchen and she said....Daddy! Such a sweet DH! My love language is Acts of this was exactly what makes me feel all loved and stuff! Of course, there were some things that we found out...for lack of a better word...sucked...but now we can work on them and Grow! So, over all...worth every penny and all day Saturday!

One area that I really need help on is my finances. I have talked to a couple of friends and they are going to help me be more responcible with our money. I am the Free Spirit that Dave Ramsey talks about and...I NEED HELP! So, starting today...I am going to do better!

I am also reading a book called "How to Make your Kids Mind without Losing Yours" Dr. Leman. So far I am really enjoying it. I think it is presenting some really great ideas all from a biblical perspective. I have been reading a lot of parenting books and books/articles about ADD. I really think my DD6 has ADD. I have not had her tested...but I really think I should!

So, that is some of our busy life in a nutshell!

Blessings for your day!

October 9, 2007

Wonder why I can't seem to keep this updated...

So , it seems like I only update this blog once in a blue moon. It isn't that I don't want to let the cyber world know what is going on in my life. Its just that my life keeps me so stinking busy! Between work, church, dance, and PTA...oh ya and my time!

So, for some pictures... This is DD6 on her first day of 1st grade!

And here is DD4 and Cousin having sooo much fun at the beauty shop! I don't believe I have ever seen this child so still!

This is our latest family photo. On a little vacation detour to Luckenbach Texas! We thought it was great.... But, the girls really didn't get the point. LOL

So, yes...we have been very busy! But, my goal is to keep this better updated!
Blessings for your week!

September 10, 2007

Its completely quiet in my house...

Tomorrow is the first day of my school year. Both of my MDO programs, that I teach at, start back this week. I am excited and nervous. Wish me luck and send me your best prayers!

August 26, 2007

Tomorrow is the first day of School!

Maybe it is wrong...but I am so excited that school is about to start. It's time. My patience is lost somewhere between visits to the water park, fights over who's turn it is, and endless complaining that "we are Bored"!
Bored!, how can today's kids be bored????
They have an endless string of things to amuse them...just at my house alone: TV (250 channels), DVD (with full collection of little kid approved junk), VCR (also with full collection of hits), radio (expertly tuned by mom to "Radio Disney 620am"), Books (several hundred) really, Art supplies (enough to keep little girls busy for hours and hours and hours), Barbies, Poly Pockets, Kitchen, Musical instruments, Dress up clothes, play Make up, Mega Blocks, V-Smile, Puzzles, a full closet of games, Lite brite, side walk chalk, bubbles and stuff to use to make them, swing set, trampoline, bikes, scooters, out side variety of stuff, friends that live next door... kids have stuff (and more not named above because I am suddenly embarrassed about how much)....HOW COULD THEY BE BORED?????
This doesn't even include: play dates, weekly trips to see friends at MCyD's, the water park, church functions, going to the lake, spending weekend's with MiMi...
So, yes, I am ready for school to start so I can be bored!
I personally have two weeks of pre work to prepare for this years group of preschoolers and my college classes start this next week as well. DD6 is on the competition team at Dance and we will be doing Girl Scouts this year! Whew! Really it isn't as much as it seems. We will be home almost every night and won't be competing until much later in the year. Yes, they will be busy enough to forget how bored they were all summer.... right up till summer when they can be bored again!

August 20, 2007


Today was my very first PTA board meeting. Huh? When did this happen? I mean when did I go from the fun chick, to the soccer/dance/girl scouts/PTA mom? They need to pull us aside during one of our childbirth classes and explain. It is only a matter of time until we become "that mom". I guess what I am trying to say is...I missed it happening. I am happy where I am... I want to be involved with my girls and at their school. I want then to know...Mom will always be around church, school, and here or there. Hum, How come I don't feel like a grown up? This certainly all sounds really grown up? Hum....

August 6, 2007

Its been another month...a busy one!

Listen In: DD6 laying on the floor in the living room whining..."can you see me mommy?", "what errand are we are going to?" "can we go to the park today"....

View from office window: Wet plants... I just watered them

Plans for the day: Produce market, car wash, clean up, laundry, make a schedule....we are about to become very busy around here

Dinner menu: Not sure to above, plan dinner menus

Mood: antsy

So, we are back from vacation: Lampasas, Luckenbach, New Baunfels, Gruene, San Antonio, Sea World, and the River Walk.... I AM TIRED!!!!
We went on the first annual entire family trip. Me, DH, DD6, DD4, DMIL, DSIL. It was actually really fun! We had a great time. No fighting, no drama, and everyone got along just fine! We stayed at a very family friendly hotel: The Radisson Hill County. I highly recommend it for anyone willing to pay the price. This we did not do, gift from DMIL for early Christmas gift. Oh. so. very. worth it. Every night they had tons of activities for the kids to do: smores, face painting, balloon artist, hair wrapping. movies, well as live entertainment for the parents. It was great...not snotty at all! We had a blast!

Gotta run errands...more later!


July 5, 2007

It's been a month....maybe an update

We have simply been in survival mode for the last several weeks. It seems like every time I get two steps forward...I am pushed back 10! Today, I sat down and went thru DD6's closet and made her try on her clothes. I purged! now, I just need to get the laundry done and finish hers!

Off to bed

June 10, 2007


Just a few pictures to enjoy along the way. The J family came to town today. These pictures are from our visit.

June 8, 2007

Its been one long couple of weeks

Beauty in the common things: the girls are home

View from the window: breezy trees and overcast sky's

Plans for the day: Dress rehearsal for the girls recital, a little bit of shopping, and a lot of laundry

Dinner Plans: something along the way

Listen in: the phone ringing and girls playing with Allie and Sir Gray C

Well, its been a while since I have had time to Update the blog here.

DD6 passed Kindergarten...She is most proud to tell you..over and over again...she is now a 1st grader! She also learned to ride her bike with out any training wheels! She is also learning to swim without a life jacket~ We are very excited about all of that!

DD4 is really ticked off that she does not get to go to Kindergarten next year and spend every day with Ms. Andrews! She is kindergarten teacher of the decade to my girls! DD4 is her usual cute and funny self! She makes me laugh all the time and well...sometimes she is just not cute enough to avoid getting in trouble. We are working on our letters and writing this summer....

Dh works, works, works, and mows~ He also inherited his dads boat that they had growing up. Um, this is no the boat had sat in dry dock forever and was not in anyway taken care long as I have known him. But, DH can "see it" as it was in all its glory and plans to make a long extended job of restoring it to its former glory. I am not so sure that is possible...but we will see.

Me? I did get registered for a class this summer, and have a plan for the next semester. I am going to do what I can this year and focus more on it when DD4 enters kindergarten...scheduling will be much less complicated! I have been very, very busy for the last few weeks with compiling our VBS crafts. We go to a huge crafts means 20 rooms for 3 nights with 4 things to do each night. Big job...but I love it! I am finished with all that I can do between now and actual VBS, which starts on Monday. Then I will be able to relax!!! I am sad because with the cost of gas these doesn't look like I will be able to go home this summer. I really need a home fix. I desperately miss my friends! I am starting to feel alone again because Julie has officially moved to to Ennis. Even though they have lived there for a year..temporarily. That makes me sad...even though I know its the best move for their family! Now if we could just do something about the price of gas...that would be less sad in a way! Anyway, consider my blog updated!


My sweet girls after their dance awards

May 20, 2007

A Peaceful Sunday Afternoon

Today is very calm and peaceful. We have been spending a lot of time with my father in law and Karen. They live on the lake and have a new boat. Brent loves to fish and the boat is an added bonus for the family. Yesterday was the first time either of my girls have ever riden on "motor boat". They both thought it was the coolest thing ever! Today Brent brought both girls and one of DD6's friends over to the lake house and along with a cousin...they all got to ride the boat. They loved it! We have a very busy week ahead of us. DD6's last day of school is this week and we have extra dance classes. I am officially registered and paid for at school. It is really happening! We will start planning our VBS at church and DD6 has a class party this week also. But, Menu's are planned, groceries are bought, and plans are made for the upcoming week! Whew! It is going to be a fun one!

May 9, 2007

A little soggy....

Beauty in the simple things: Freshly rained on grass

Listen in: Birds chirping in the creek, Allie sniffing

Dinner Plans: Crock pot ham and homemade scalloped potatos

Plans for the day:
Clean, Clean, Clean!

View from the window: Wet Trees, ever so slightly blowing the breaze

So, the current news in our life is that I have finally made a plan to go back to school and finish! I have always planned to teach in some form or fashion. I enjoy working with the little guys at preschool. But, I hate being broke! Of course it cost more for me to work full time and pay for childcare than it does for me to work part time at I work part time at the church and love it! DD4 will be in kindergarten in Fall of 08, so I am hoping to complete all the course work I can at TCC to be able to enroll at UTA in the Fall of 08. That gives me 6 semesters if I count the summer. I really do not have many options for summer courses right now because the ones that I had enrolled in are not all required at UTA. So, I dropped the two that would not count and ended up with only one for the summer. In the fall I will take College Algebra, Biology for Science Majors with lab, and some thing else that will count. In the spring it will be Statistics, 2nd Biology for Science majors with lab, and something else that will count, along with Math for Teachers. Summer I and Summer II will be some miserable combonation of science and math courses. But, if I do this, then fall of '08 I should be able to enter the college of Education and begin the course work left to me there.
That means I would graduate 15years after I graduated from High School. That is kinda sad but I have a beautiful family to show for it and 10 years real world experince already under my belt. So, I guess it isn't so bad after all!

Time to clean, clean, clean. Oh, and teach myself math before next fall!

May 4, 2007

I was here goes

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog

1. I love the smell of the air just before it rains. So, lately...I have been very blessed to have a lot of rain. I also love the smell of wet earth just after it rains. So a win, win situation during spring.

2. But, I HATE the thought of tornados. I freak out, I mean really freak out. So, the previous win, win sitution is also a double edged sword. I much prefer hurricanes or blizzards to whirling wind that can pop up just anytime and kill you in 5 seconds flat! I also do not like cornfields or fault zones...but, I never said I wasnt' slightly wierd.

3. I love to stop and read Historical markers, and look at old houses. I love History and rocks. in that order ; )

4. I can not name a favorite book because I love so many different books. Each one that I think of is my favorite for a different reason. I can not finish self help books. I have never read one from cover to cover.

5. I dream of living in the country with big trees and a garden. But, I want to live in an old farm house that has stood thru time and weathered years, families, storms, and the generations.

6. I am intimidated by people therefore I only have a few True friends. I usually speak before I think and offend people.

7. I love, really love Orange push up pops and IBC root beer.

April 26, 2007

My poor little baby girl....

Being woke up at 4:30am is never fun...and usually never a good thing. DD4 is sooo sick today. She started being sick at both ends this morning and everytime we think she is ok...she gets sick again. Keep little one in you prayers too...I can't afford to be sick too!

April 23, 2007

I really hate fishing

So, if fishing is just about the most painfull thing I ever have to do...I guess I don't have it too bad! Today is DH's birthday. For his birthday, he wants to go fishing. I do not, have never, and never intend to like fishing! I can't stand stitting still for that long!

Wish me luck! Did I mention that this is a family fishing date? Fun fun stuff!

April 20, 2007

I just love to copy Julie!

I started a play list... Only a few songs on it that I love...more to come

April 18, 2007

Actually getting some things done today

Beauty in the common things: mudpies

Listen in: back door opening and shutting over and over and Wham playing on Sirius Mix.

Dinner Plans: Spaghetti and garlic toast

Plans for the day: Clean-clean-clean, followed by then bed

Not sure where all the energy came from! I have really accomplished some things today! The laundry is mostly caught up and the house is mostly clean. As long as I am 15 minutes from clean enough for company... I am happy! DD6 brought home her school pictures today. They are so pretty! I am very excited about that! But, then again she is a pretty little girl!
I found the teacher I was telling you about. She was stunned that she felt like she influenced my life so much.

So here in my challenge to you...
Look up a teacher that meant something to you and let them know. Most schools have web addresses now and most have a list of faculty names and contact links! You may be suprised who you find and they may be suprised that you remember them!


April 17, 2007

Today is the day

Beauty in the common things: lazy, rainy, dreary days that you can spend reading a book

View from the office window: dark sky's...periodic thunder

Plans for dinner: heat up left overs and a can of Clam chowder

Plans for today: Absolutely do nothing today. I am going to read a book, look up an old teacher I thought about today, and play on the computer!

I am having such a weird day. For one thing, I have many little projects I could be working on...yet I don't want to. I went to bible study this morning and the lesson is about our ability to love the people in our lives. So far it proves to be a class that will make me think. Today we just got started on the outline and first video. As those who know and love me are aware...I have issues. I went to many counseling sessions at school growing up and have to say that one of the most influential people in my life was Ms. Switzer. She was my Gatoraid group leader and in many ways changed my life. She doesn't know I feel this way about her, a couple of years ago I sent her a card. Monica's little sister was in her class at the time and reported that she was really touched. Well, long story...not so long... I think I will try to find her today. Maybe she is still at Dickinson High. I feel this overwhelming need to tell her she still inspires me. I know ya'll maybe think...give me a break...but, I plan to teach one day and I think those that have made a difference in our lives need to know. They need to know that for all that they do...13 years or 15years later...they still inspire us to be better than we are. Just last week I finally re-enrolled in college. This time I plan to finish school and teach. What will I teach, that is still the question... I believe God already has the figured out...I just need to get it together enough to get to that point. So, that is what I am planning to do!

On another note, we spent Sunday afternoon with Brent's dad at the lake. I have some adorable pictures of the girl's to share!

April 16, 2007

Intrducing Allie

the newest member of our family is "Allie" a seven year old Shitzu!

April 9, 2007

Monday... I need peace day

M&M enjoying The Easter play at Casa Manana with MiMi....

Beauty in the common things: freshly changed sheets and fluffy pillows.

Listen in: Dora the explorer....

Dinner plans: um...whatever is listed on the menu!

View from the office window: overcast and dreary

I am not having a good day. As I don't feel like telling the whole world about my reasons...just keep me in the prayers of my friends and those who would read this. I need prayer for peace. I need peace.

April 7, 2007

Saturday...Before Easter and It IS SNOWING!

Beauty in the common things: Little girls curled up with Daddy watching cartoons

Listen in: Little DD asking for gum...pleeaase! Now crying b/c she can't have any!

Dinner Plans: Chicken with lemon and rosemary, scalloped potatos, salad, bread, and pudding for dessert

View from any window: Snow flurries

Plans for the day: Clean house, finish and put away laundry, dye Easter eggs, have a discussion with the Easter bunny, work at church... busy day!

Today I plan to get a lot done! Wish me luck!

April 1, 2007

Bluebonnet Day!!!!!!!!!

I finally, Bluebonnet pictures of my girls! and when I say finally, I mean finally (they are 6 and 4 and these are the first ones) M4 was not very co-operative with the process...being that she was bitten by ants within about 2 minutes of making it to the Bluebonnet field....for those of you who do not girls do not react well to ant bites. The swelling and abcessing is not nearly as bad as it used to be...but it is still bad!

So without further ado....

March 30, 2007

A lull in the storm

Beauty in the common things: Dd6 reading by herself and loving it!

Listen in: Sporatic thunder currently a lull in the storm

Plans for weekend: Finish Laundry, take girls to Michaels in morning for craft, Star time and Church will round out our weekend.

Dinner plans: We had a wonderful Black Bean and Chicken Chili

Zone: Office...need to put away M&M's art work and organize book shelves.

Ok, drum roll please.......
I have planned my menu's for April!!!! YAH I found a great little web site called and I am in love. I love to have little lists and whatknot. I actaully have a completed Control Journal. Anyhoo, I printed out the Monthly Menu planner page and got busy. Now, the real test is to see if I actually do it!

Let's see, what else? I finally found a scrapbooking magazine that doesn't actually make me feel like a big ole fat loser mom...because I don't have M&M's each their own completed day by day exhustive, creative bound volume. And see the thing is that I am known for being rather creative and artsy! Except in this realm! Well, I am ready to get started on scrapbooking the pages that will actaully mean something to me in the long run!

See I am creative....look and DD6's birthday cake... ok, ok I admitt I took a little help from the store and Family fun magazine for the idea...but its cute...and I did it!

Time for a pamper me....bubble bath and a nice smutty book ; )

March 21, 2007

Wednesday..... Hump day : )

Beauty in the simple things: Little girls dressed in fairy wings

Listen in: DD4 playing in the kitchen

Plans for the day: Finish laundry ( 2 loads away), Declutter my closet by tossing the things I don't love and putting away the cold weather clothing, Do some office work for MIL, take another load of stuff to the attic!

Dinner plans: Roast sticky chicken, mashed potatos, and corn

View from the kitchen window: budding trees


Well, I finally finished cleaning the house after DD6's slumber party. Which, I might add, wore me OUT. She had a great time and really isn't that all that matters? I did learn a valuable lesson. Don't LEAVE The GLitter OUT!!!! Little sisters love to DUMP all THE GLITTER OUT!
Here is an example of the table...

I am just glad that our very busy weekends and weeks are starting to slow down! Hopefully, we can get back into some type of routine soon. Our home needs a routine. On MOnday night, we implemented some house rules. I already had some in mind..but I sat the family down and asked them what they thought were some good house rules...
Here is the list:

Show Respect to others: Be nice!
No backtalking or smart mouth with adults
No Potty Words
No Namecalling
Keep your hands to yourself
No taking others things
No Playing with others things or in others rooms with out asking first
Pick up your own mess
No Snacks with out asking except Fruit or Water
OBEY your Mommy and Daddy
Treat other with Love and Kindness

I thought they did pretty good. Every single rule I had thought of, both girls named during our family meeting. We will be posting our rules this week! A'la Super Nanny style ;)

So...enough procrastinating for one day..........

March 16, 2007


Beauty in the simple things: Sunset

Listen in: Total silence

Today we: Today we spent the day with my dad and family. First of all...I thought it would be fun to drive thru Dallas. Huh?, what was I thinking? Seriously???? NEVER AGAIN! When we finally got to McKinney, the girls were ready for the park! They spent a couple of hours there with my dad. They love spending time with him! We opened their Christmas presents. Yes, I said Christmas presents. Long story! Then Had supper at CiCi's. Then came on back to our side of DFW late tonight. I really should be cleaning my house for M6's birthday party tomorrow. But, no... I am sitting here procrastinating. That and I am actually tired! Really tired. Maybe I will go to bed and get up early in the morning and get it all done.....maybe! Some pictures of the park to enjoy....

March 15, 2007


I thought, I enjoy reading Julie's daily little insights to her house. So, as any good friend should do... I am going to copy her : )

Beauty in the Common things: Purple flowers in springtime

Listen In: M&M coloring with color wonder paper discussing whether or not I am going to like it. Also, Paula Dean cooking with her husband and kids on TV.

Today I plan to: Work on some office work for Debbie, go to the gym, and work at church later.

View From the Kitchen window: Beautiful Sunny Day!

March 14, 2007

I finally learned how to post a picture!...

Gotta Love little girls ready for church!

March 7, 2007

We're back...we're tired!

Oh my what a whirlwind weekend we had! The girls and I did not enter San Leon until after 10pm on Friday. Saturday brought beautiful weather and sunshine in the Bay Area! Monica and I spent a great afternoon puttering around, just enjoying each others company. Lunch at Estabans- nearly the highlight of my weekend. It is my singlemost all time favorite restarant in the entire world! Really it is! Then blew in the chilly weather Saturday evening. Just in time for the wedding I had to attend. It was at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in 7pm. It was the most beautiful church I have ever been in! Granted I have not been in many Catholic churches...but this one is so pretty. I had the chance to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in years. I am so glad I went. But, I wish more that Brent could have gone with me. Sunday, was the trip to the Rodeo. I took both DD's to see Hannah Montana and the Cheeta Girls. Oh, the screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My ears may never recover. I think I now know how the parents felt when we went to New Kids on the Block.... the screaming!!!! Hannah Montana was great and the girls loved her. The Cheeta Girls...well, not as good as Hannah Montana. Meghan loved her birthday present! Monday, the long, long drive home. We stopped at Julies house and stayed for dinner. Then came home. I was so glad to be home. Still have so much to catch up. We are getting there though! Sleep sounds really good right now.....

March 2, 2007

Headed South

Wish me luck as I head to Houston for the weekend!

March 1, 2007

Tired and Grumpy

Well, last night DD-3 went down hill with her illness again. We are on day 5, that I know of. I am not sure when she actually got sick because she was with MiMi. (Warning: Gross info ahead) Last night my friend Leslie offered to watch the girls. While there, DD-3 refused to eat and complained of a horrible tummy ache. End result was some of the worst diareah my friend has ever seen. That and a rise in temp. I am so frustrated because I can not make her feel better! She is tired all the time and that only makes it worse!

DD-6 is grumpy because the baby is getting all the attention. We are headed out of town this weekend and I actually fear the ride to Houston. Thank God for portable dvd players! She picked out her new bedding yesterday afternoon and is it girly! If you know her you won't believe she picked it out all by herself! Brent thinks it is ugly ; ) but she loves it and that is really all that matters!

Now...let's see what else I can procrastinate myself out of... I guess I better get this house clean! Ah, gotta remember to make sure the House fairy comes!

February 28, 2007

Nothing in particular

Its February 28, 9:10 ish in the morning. M-DD is offically 6 years old. Where did the time go? Last night was her Kindergarten program. So, so cute! She was a pickle, aka cucumber in the garden from Peter Rabbit. They were adorable! We do not have big birthday plans for today. Brent is going to have lunch with her and I am going to take her out for icecream after school; then later tonight is Church. That is if M-DD4 is still not sick. She has been sick since Sunday night. Hunky-dory in the am and fever in the late afternoon and evening! Of course nothing is actually wrong, no flu, no strep. I almost wish it was something so we could medicate her and be done with this mess!

February 19, 2007

I was tagged....

Hum, Annie tagged Julie...and now I am it. 3 Things I am grateful for....

Well, I am grateful for many things. I am grateful for life, salvation, faith, unconditional love....

1. I am grateful for friends, I do not have the greatest growing up times it is sad, depressing, exciting, unbelievable, loving, violent, lost, and often lonely. But, God in his wisdom has always blessed me with the right person to love me at the right time. Monica and Autumn who are my friends till the end...they have always been there and loved me unconditionally. Even when I made decisions that were unlovable... Then I moved to North Texas...5 hours away from the dearest people in my life to begin my life with my husband. I was lost....for a long time. I made a few friends when we moved here...Jules and Leslie. Then I found Julie...well actually I found Corey and he said .... you have got to meet my wife..... really, you do! I am so glad I did. I have other friends in North Texas...but, Julie is the one that saved me from me. And I THANK God he gave me the gift of Julie. She understands me in a way only Monica has, that is a gift that I can not explain with all the words in the entire english language.

2. My little girls...especially when they are asleep : ) lol. No really, they give me more reasons than I can name to be a better person. isn't it wonderful that feeling of knowing how much someone loves you? We get mad and angry and grumpy and moody and stubborn...I have no idea where the children got those traits : ) But, at the end of the day we love each other! They are so funny...Meghan who has already decided that she will only grow up to be an animal doctor and marry Avery. Madison who wants to be a people doctor and plans to marry Gabriel and then Breishen. I am trying very hard to make sure she understands...We really only want to have one husband....if at all possible : )

3. Brent, not last, I saved the best for last. I am hard to live with. I am Moody, grumpy, stubborn, opinonated, and I have to have the last word. I want things the way I want them....only the way I want them. I did not have the best example of how to be a good wife, a submissive wife....I try. Really, I do. Except for all of the above mentioned personality traits...I am a joy! In all seriousness, I know God put Brent and I in that bar in college for a reason and it is because we are a perfect match. He loves me unconditioally. Notice the trend...unconditional love.... I am so grateful and thankful for him. He works so hard everyday so that I can kinda be a stay at home mom. I am so Thankful for that and all that he does.... What a wonderful blessing.

I am so blessed. I am thankful for the simple things too....
Bubble baths, love stories, good books, the food network, the smell just before it rains, freshly tilled dirt, purple hull peas, dr pepper (ice cold),
salt water, sea gulls, sunset in San Leon, breaking waves, ship waves, the sound of trees shwishing, snuggles, waking up to find my husband, both children and the cat in my bed, the smell of palmolive, Zinnias, freshly washed babies, an unexected real letter in the mail, new pjs, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, NRH2O, pedicures, someone else washing my hair, flylady and the house fairy....
So many little things....

February 12, 2007

I left my patience in the top drawer today

Today I left my patience in the top drawer. You know the days when every little thing just sets you off. First of all, I got up early...even did my before bed routine...But, got to work late. I made it through my day. I go to pick DD5 from school, she proceeds to hide behind a bush and "pants" her little sister. (The sister begs everyday to get out and visit with DD5's teacher and play a little while with the kids.) Not only did she "pants" her, she did it in from of another little boy in her class! AHHHHGH!!!! Then DD5 shows me the brand new holes in both knees of her almost new pants. Pants that were not even hand me downs. I actually bought them brand new (on sale..but new!) This is the 8 or 9th pair of jeans she has busted the knees out of! So, I ask....How do I get her to stop"? We get home and I make them both sit on their beds. DD3 fell do we think she is going to go to sleep tonight? Not likely. : ( The house needs cleaning, again. The laundry needs doing, again. Dinner needs making, again. Do we see the grumpiness creeping out?????? Calgon take me least for a little while. When I get back I promise to get my patience out of the top drawer.