September 27, 2008

Should be busy....

Listen in: sports on the news (Yuk!) and the washer running

Plans for the night: laundry and a straighting around the house

View out the window: Dark

Dinner plans: made the girls eat yogurt and I had a handful of chips... (won't be winning the mom of the year award this year)

What we did today: DD5 had to dance at Wild West Fest, DD7 could have danced...had she been going to class. She thought she wanted to quit. Changed her mind. No class no Dance in public. I bet she won't be skipping class again. I went to the half price sale at the JBF sale. Got some good stuff. I wish I had more money to spend...I could have went wild in there! Then we went to church. Baby Boy went to the church nursery for the first time. I almost cried. Not that I don't trust our Nursery people...I completely do. It's just that means he is already getting too big! He started screaming about 1/2 thru service and they paged me. So, I took him into church with me. DD7 was singing on stage with the elementary kids tonight and he got to hear them in the end. Of course, he went to sleep and looked all sweet and cuddly. No one believes that he screams for hours on end. HE DOES! He also loves Grey's Anatomy! He was screaming tonight until I turned on my recorded episode from Thursday night. I have been meaning to watch it. Anyway, he went straight to sleep and didn't make a peep! The girls, however, did not watch it. They spent the evening watching the food network. I hope this means DD7 will someday cook dinner every night! That would be awesome! Until then... Guess I need to get busy!

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