November 14, 2008

Girls Night Out

Listen In: baby snoring in the baby swing, girls playing something, DD7 reading to sister from a great big book about dogs, and wind

View Out the Window: sunset and blowing trees

Plans: today I worked, came home...relaxed, and I am about to go out to dinner with my girl friends

Dinner: see above

Beauty in the Common things: a clean house


Finally a cold front is blowing in. November should never be warm enough for tank tops and capri's. At least I don't think so! This week has flown by! I was sick with a stomach bug that has been running rampant through my community. YUK. I just hope and pray the girls and baby don't get it. DH can take care of himself. I would of course feel sorry for him...but it would be much, much less work on my part. On Sunday afternoon, one of my girl friends had a Holiday Open house. I took my signs and the photo braclets I have been making. I was so nervous about putting myself out there like that. But, my crafts were recieved well. For that I am Thankful. I even got in a night of scrapbooking in. That was a treat! The girls are getting ready to have a play date at a friends house and all the moms are going to dinner! No kids! Whoo Hoo! Well maybe the baby. We'll see. Other than that...pretty boring around here...

Until next time

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