October 17, 2007

A beautiful Rainbow


Plans for the day: Took Dd6 to the Dr. Scrapbooking Later

Dinner plans: Leftover potato soup Yum

Listen in: Girls playing in their room

View outside: Windy day

Looks like DD6 has a "strep like" virus. Well, that diagnosis was no help! This only means that I get to miss work again...just my luck! Other than that...nothing much going on. Life is busy and I plan to relax for the next couple of days!


October 12, 2007


Plans for the Day: 1. Clean up the messy house. Its not nasty Messy...just messy! 2. Get things together for the Polar Bear Garage Sale. 3. Evaluate my budget 4. Line up I'll babysit for you if you babysit for me arrangements for class tomorrow

Listen In: Very quiet house. About to turn on the praise music channel on Sirius. Love that...it makes you feel good inside!

Dinner Plans: Beef Picante... at least get everything ready for the crock pot tomorrow. No kids tonight...not gonna cook!

View from the office window: Not one today...the blinds are closed. But from the desk...(and the backyard window)... I can see Banana Trees blowing in the breeze and a lovey sunny day.

My Mood Today: Feeling good. Like I could get a lot accomplished!

So, if I am able to work a full week...anytime soon, it will be a miricle. DD4 was running fever last night. Today, its low grade. End result...I get another day off. So, I am trying to get a lot accomplished today...so that tomorrow I can not worry about anything other than school and work. Yes...work, work, work...school, school, school, kids, kids, kids! BUSY!

DH and I went to a great Marriage workshop last weekend. I highly suggest anyone who is married and can make it to one of Gary Chapman's classes...YOU DO. It was great. DH, who was only there because he loves me and I made him go...enjoyed it! And, that night he cleaned my kitchen. HUH? I was so shocked! I thought my MIL had come over while I was sleeping and cleaned if for me. I asked DD6...who cleaned the kitchen and she said....Daddy! Such a sweet DH! My love language is Acts of Service...so this was exactly what makes me feel all loved and stuff! Of course, there were some things that we found out...for lack of a better word...sucked...but now we can work on them and Grow! So, over all...worth every penny and all day Saturday!

One area that I really need help on is my finances. I have talked to a couple of friends and they are going to help me be more responcible with our money. I am the Free Spirit that Dave Ramsey talks about and...I NEED HELP! So, starting today...I am going to do better!

I am also reading a book called "How to Make your Kids Mind without Losing Yours" Dr. Leman. So far I am really enjoying it. I think it is presenting some really great ideas all from a biblical perspective. I have been reading a lot of parenting books and books/articles about ADD. I really think my DD6 has ADD. I have not had her tested...but I really think I should!

So, that is some of our busy life in a nutshell!

Blessings for your day!

October 9, 2007

Wonder why I can't seem to keep this updated...

So , it seems like I only update this blog once in a blue moon. It isn't that I don't want to let the cyber world know what is going on in my life. Its just that my life keeps me so stinking busy! Between work, church, dance, and PTA...oh ya and my school....no time!

So, for some pictures... This is DD6 on her first day of 1st grade!

And here is DD4 and Cousin having sooo much fun at the beauty shop! I don't believe I have ever seen this child so still!

This is our latest family photo. On a little vacation detour to Luckenbach Texas! We thought it was great.... But, the girls really didn't get the point. LOL

So, yes...we have been very busy! But, my goal is to keep this better updated!
Blessings for your week!