September 28, 2008


Listen In: Blissful Silence!

Dinner: Pasta I thought we would try out of the freezer section. I thought it was discusting...the girls loved it! Who knew?

Beauty in the common things: Baby's dressed for church

Prayer Needs: I need peace with what has befallen my mom. I know that in no way am I responsible or do I need to be the one to save her...but, I am heart weary anyway. I know she has to pull herself up from her bootstraps and make a new start. Many of those I know and love have to do the same thing. I pray for the girls to continue to be blessed at school. They both love their teachers and are excited about each new day. I know that is no small feat! I pray for self control in all the area's that I need it. The Lord knows what those are. I pray for DH to excell at work and to find that position he will love. If that means we be it. I pray for wisdom in seeing the opportunity that presents itself and not all the obsticles in the way. I pray for all the Ike victims...may they see the Rainbow at the end of the storm and feel blessings come in some way.

Today is Sunday. We spent the morning at church. The Baby B spent the morning in the nursery, where I am assured he was never put down. He seemed to thrive on all of the attention. The girls went with MiMi to eat lunch at Chili's and to see Sleeping Beauty at Casa Manana. This is their "thing" they do with Mimi...and they love it! I love that I am not the one that has to sit for two hours with them : ) Although, I too have had my fair share of filling in for MiMi when life has gotten two busy for her to take them. I don' think they have missed one show in several years!

There are a couple of things I want to be sure and do this year...I seem to always have a list and never do it! So, I am writing down my list for this year now:

1.) Attend the King Tut exhibit in Dallas, and the Jehesbut one in Fort Worth. I am completlety intrigued by Egyptian History. I find it facinating! I hope to see them with DD7...the little one is not as into history as the big girl! She is much like her mama.

2.) Go to the Fort Worth Civil war museum. I think that would be sooo cool!

3.) Take the girls fossil hunting by Lake Worth...again. Last time we found a geological marker and saw a Horned Toad laying eggs. Very cool.

4.) Go to the FlowerMound pumbkin patch with the whole family and take fall pictures.

5.) See the Wizard of Oz on the big screen in Dallas

6.) Take the girls to a drive in: High School Musical 3 in Ennis be continued!

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