October 21, 2008

A little bit of news...

Listen in: All of the household automatic cleaning appliances in full swing..oh and crickets

Beauty in the common things: a freshly swept floor and dishes done... (those that know me well will understand the joy this brings)

Dinner: grilled cheese for girls and fried toast for me

Plans today: I had plans to do a lot but got sick instead...took the girls to school and came home to sleep till 12:36 to be exact

Prayer needs: Continued prayer for Monica and family and friends in San Leon...rebuilding is so slow. Family control and budget control. Wellness to come back to my home...I am so tired of someone being sick!

So, as I mentioned previously...the house has been plagued with a bought of sickness. Yuk! From headaches that rival labour to upchucking and extremely unexpected visits to the potty...we all feel crummy around here. Hopefully this is coming to an end.
Yesterday miss Madison had the crud and stayed home from school. Last night a very sweet friend from church came over to babysit her so I could go to work. Well, she had a high time letting Meghan know that she and only she got to have a babysitter. My children seem to think having a babysitter is the coolest thing ever...maybe because they never get this little privilege! Anyway, she tried very hard to con Sarah into using the easy bake oven. Sarah replied to her, "I can't cook...I will burn the house down if I try!" "Sarah...it's an easy bake oven.." replies Madison. Like duh!
Also on her mind... on Friday evening Brent's Dad and his wife took us to have dinner a Babe's Chicken. This is a treat that we do not do often. Madison needed to use the bathroom. If you have never been to Babe's, you might not know that you have to go down this dark hallway to the bathroom and the doors are hidden in the wall. Who's idea this was I will never know. Anyway, as we all know it is Halloween time. Great. The hallway is decorated with creepy and spooky things. Madison does NOT do Scary! She gets almost to the hidden door ( scary enough for her) and sees the creepy skeleton at the end of the dark hallway. She turns on her heal and back out of there she goes. I had to make her come back out and go to the restroom. Well, on our way back to the table a grandpa aged gentleman and his grandson come bopping down the hall. To the hidden door bathrooms. Grandpa can't see in the dark and manages to push open the only door that looks like a door. The only problem is that...that was the fire exit. Alarm sounds and Madison and I come out of the hall. All eyes on us. She announces to the restaurant...it wasn't us...it was the the old man. Just then, the little boy that was with him comes tearing out of the hallway hollering...I didn't do it! It was pretty darn funny! Madison has decided that now, she wants to work at Babe's Chicken when she grows up. The girls do a chicken slash line dance to Boot Scootin Boogie...that includes a "whoop" out loud. Thanks girls the baby was asleep! So, this is now Madison's life plan. We agreed she could work there during high school.
Meghan has decided that reading is the coolest ever and she needs walkie talkies. The little boy next door has some. Have to thank his mom. I told her that she did not need walkie talkies, as she yells loud enough with out them. She has become my big helper with Braeden. She loves to hold and feed him. I do not love for her to walk around with him...she tries to though. I wish she could help clean her room so well. We are working on it!
Braeden is getting quite the little personality. He just loves his momma. How would have ever thought I would have the cutest little boy God ever created! I just love him. Kids aren't they the greatest?

Off to bed! Consider yourself updated!

October 15, 2008

Listen In: a train in the distance, my girls playing in their room, and the baby swing

Beauty in the Common things: baby firsts: finding his hands, smiles in the mornings

Plans: McDonalds Play dates, Awannas for DD5, Dance Class for DD7, and church for me

Dinner Plans: Breakfast for Dinner

Today is a quite peaceful day. I am busy but what is news about that? I read the sweetest book to my class..."The Oak inside the Acorn" by Max Lucado. I highly recommend this book. I almost cried...of course that could be the post pregnancy hormones too! So, DD5 has decided that she wants to go to Awannas every week instead of our church. I am ok with this because I loved Awannas when I was a little girl. This is her second week. Yep we are busy, busy, busy. I love it!
Baby Boy is sleeping almost all night now! WooHoo. That alone is worth celebrating. He smiles this adorable little baby smile when he sees me now. It just melts my heart! I love it. Right now he is fast asleep in his swing...which he loves! I better go get some house work done!