August 4, 2008


Well, for starters let me simply say that I am up way too late tonight and completely relaxed in my SILENT home! DH is on paternity leave...because we have welcomed the newest addition to our family. We are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy! He was born on July 24th at 12:42pm. 7.5 Lbs and 21 inches long. He is actually my biggest baby! Everything went fairly well and there were really only a couple of stressful moments that had to do with his birth. Now, let me just say...I am not one of those women who find their happy Zen place in a completely natural birth; DD5 came dang near that way and I didn't get a metal for the extra effort and pain. So...I was more than happy to get my epidural...even when it took 3 tries! Yikes!!! Then I basically slept until it was time to deliver. I woke up here and there but didn't feel ANYTHING!!! and was happier for it! DS had some trouble transitioning to breathing and had a trip to the NICU...but all was well and he got to be in my room that night. We came home last Saturday afternoon and we have all been trying to figure out this extra baby thing.
Whoever told me that it was harder to bring home the 2nd child and after that...its no big deal with the additional kids...really???? Please tell me when that easy part starts! Of course it could have something to do with the heat. Did you know that when they tell you the forcasted temperature for the day...they mean in the shade!!! So, today when it was 107 degrees outside...they meant in the SHADE. So, obviously my girls can't go outside and play! They are bored and ready for some summer activities and between the new baby broke syndrome, the heat, and the heat...we are spending a lot of time inside. Which means they are under my feet all day long. I have little to no patience with this, by the way, and so I end up yelling at them. Then I feel bad because I yelled at them and really can you blame them? I have decided to try and let loose some of the uptightness in me. Now...if ya'll out there in the cyber world could simply tell me how????

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