November 22, 2008


Listen In: Food Network on, Baby B Laughing in the swing

View from the window: Breezy, cold trees

Plans for the day: relax, a quick trip to Kohls, working on crafts, and work later

Dinner Plans: Hashbrown Soup and rolls

Beauty in the Common things: Fall Leaves and Holiday Dinner

So, last night we had our holiday pictures was a lot less of an ordeal than DH acted like it was! Baby boy was even cooperative. Not much else going on! Stressing about the Holidays. But, isn't everybody?

Enjoy the pictures of my little angels:

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Julie said...

Okay, you are right, it has been way too long since I checked your blog!! You have added so much! I will do better. Today I am stuck on the couch with the dreaded stomach virus. And my two big helpers are at friends' houses so I am having to take care of the littles by myself. Ugh.
Love ya!