November 3, 2008

My week in Pictures

Baby B is the cutest Bear ever!

DD7, DD5, and DH as the Overprotective Daddy

DD5 is a High School Musical Cheerleader

DD7 is Hannah Montana...we used her dance costume from tap...she was a little too grown up looking for her Daddy

My sweet Baby Boy is 3 months old now

Isn't he just precious?

DD5 and I enjoyed a class fieldtrip to Mainstay Farms Pumpkin Patch. Much better than when DD7 went. It was sunny and cool this time and not cold and rainy like 3 years ago!

Life is getting back to normal now. DS is sleeping all night long (most nights) and school is a better routine now. I am not as busy as I have been in the past. DH and I made the difficult decision to withdrawl our girls from dance class. We need to be more frugal and it was simply too much extra expense. DD7 is understandablely upset but she is being a big girl about the whole thing. Thank the Lord for his blessings! So, we have more free time together as a family. The girls are getting excited about the holidays and making their lists. This year is going to be a much scaled down event at our house. What about you?

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