February 4, 2009

8n things about me...

Julie tagged me: dang it!

8 TV Shows I watch:


Two and a half men

Jon and Kate Plus 8

The Food Network...it counts


CSI Miami

Nothing Else comes to mind

8 Resturants I like:

Estbans (All time favorite!)


Olive Garden

Cheesecake factory



El Rancho Grande

Shady Oak

to be continued...baby is screaming!
LISTEN IN: Baby boy grunting...he's trying to crawl...backwards


PLANS FOR THE DAY: Working this morning...free time... working again tonight.

DINNER PLANS: Breakfast for dinner, Eggs, Sausage, Buiscits, and baked French Toast.(a new recipe)

BEAUTY IN THE COMMON THINGS: freshly shampooed carpets

Today, I am relaxing. DD5 just came in and said "Mommy, I love you so much". She is good for my ego! DH is sitting here watching the biggest loser and it makes me thingk about going to the gym. Maybe next week. I need to get a game plan. I can't walk into the gym with no idea what I am doing. That would be to frustrating. Those two trainers are brutal! I think I need to go one there : ) maybe not. They don't have Dr. Pepper there. Can you imagine a world without Dr. Pepper. I would freaking die! I am taking some baby steps here. I have the house in control. Now the meals. Next the gym. Thats the plan!

Time to make some dinner : )

February 3, 2009

LISTEN IN: the news


DINNER PLANS: Beans and cornbread (tried a new recipe)


So, today I worked at ladies bible class and got to love on some sweet babies. Then I got to give them back...and love on my own sweet baby. Sure do love that little guy. He is getting so big...so fast. Then we came home from the church and hung out at the house. I have really been working hard on meal planning...then actually eating those meals...because I actually cooked those planned meals. I seem to have a follow thru problem. Yesterday I made homemade pizza dough and sauce. That became homemade calzones. I also made banana bread from a new recipe. Yesterday's meal was a success. Today I made beans and cornbread. Not so sure I like these recipes. The girls have not come in from playing yet...so I don't have their opinion yet. I also shampooed the living room carpet. Man it looks better in here!
Baby is screaming. Till the next time!