January 17, 2008

Nothing better to do than update my blog...

So, let's see...Christmas and New years have come and gone. The girls had a wonderful time and got every single thing their little heart desired...well except for a Wii, PS2, and Heelies. But, Santa can't get them everything they want on a daily basis. Life is busy and we do the best we can. The newest news is that I am unexpectedly Pregnant with baby number 3. We are no longer in shocked mode...but, are starting to get things figured out. The most frustrating part is that I am miserable at night. This is not to DH's benefit..if you know what I mean. During the day I am very tired by mid afternoon. This has resulted in many naps and a Filthy house! I just can't seem to get it all together at one time. I almost have all the laundry done...and I am hoping that this week I can finally get all the Holiday decorations in the attic. The most frustrating element to this situation is that I just recently got rid of the bulk of my baby stuff. So, now we have to get most of it all over again...ahhgg! I am hopeing for a boy. DH would love a boy and I plan to NOT have anymore kiddos. Maybe in the future I would like to adopt. But, I know that I am content with this last baby coming as my last baby. And that is ok. Im laying here on the bed with my laptop and I can feel baby moving around in my tummy. I forgot how weird that feels. Some women love that feeling. It kinda freaks me out a little bit : ) But, I know this baby is a Blessing from God and I am excited about it~!

That and the fact I am about to got to bed....maybe I will actually update before the baby comes : )

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