September 23, 2011

Day two of my...I will blog all the stinkin time devotion...blah blah blah

Listen in:  the Pirate rambling about the most amazing puzzles his Mimi just gave him

Plans for the Day:  PACK.  I'll say it again to remind myself....P.A.C.K

Dinner:  Breakfast for dinner.  Fried Toast, Scambled Eggs, and um...ya that's it

Beauty in the Simple things:  I found a lovely note scribbled in little girl handwriting that said I love you!

Ok, peeps.  Day two has occurred.  I will begin my quest to fufill my bloggy duties: )  lol.  bloggy duties.  Ya, I'm like 6 at heart.  Really just ask DH.  lol.  So I thought I would show you some fun things I made over the last. cough.  year.  Yikes.  In the spirit of Halloween.....drum roll please.....

Cuteness Huh?  Cute and stupid easy.

So what you do is this.  Cut old 2X4's in to various pieces.  You could do as I do and get the DH to do that job for you.  NOT that I couldn't.  I just don't.  Pick appropriate holiday scrapbooking papers, paints to match, stickers, and ribbons.  All to match or not.  Depending on your attitude about those sorts of things.   Oh and you may want to sand your blocks a little bit with a fine grade sanding block.  Love, Love sanding blocks!   Now, paint the blocks.   I paint the whole block because well.  OCD.  God made me that way :)  I use Modge Podge for gluing the paper onto the block.  I paint the back of the paper with a fine coat of the stuff and smooth it on.  Then I paint another fine layer of the stuff on the top.  I found some super awesome glittery scrapbook paper and I used my Cricut to cut out the letters.  Glued those on (after the paper dried from the Modge Podge event),  add your stickers and your ribbons...and done!!!  

September 22, 2011

Talk about slacking...

I am sitting here at my table in shock.  I mean, I intended to keep my blog updated and even start doing groovy cool updates and giveaways.  I had big bloggy plans.  So, imagine my shock when I sit down to look at my blog and see it has been almost and entire YEAR since my last post.  So much has happened and continues to happen in our lives.  First and formost....we are GEORGIA bound.  Soon.  Very Soon.   I can feel the excitement and dread in the air.  Right now it is an even 50/50 in which is winning!  I have really big bloggy plans for then!   I plan to attempt to blog my crafts and things like that.  Stay tunned to see if that happens.  Better yet...give me a kick in the pants if I DON'T Do that!  Ok?

Until packing finishes....and we load up and move on out...

Blessings from my wild bunch to yours!