August 26, 2007

Tomorrow is the first day of School!

Maybe it is wrong...but I am so excited that school is about to start. It's time. My patience is lost somewhere between visits to the water park, fights over who's turn it is, and endless complaining that "we are Bored"!
Bored!, how can today's kids be bored????
They have an endless string of things to amuse them...just at my house alone: TV (250 channels), DVD (with full collection of little kid approved junk), VCR (also with full collection of hits), radio (expertly tuned by mom to "Radio Disney 620am"), Books (several hundred) really, Art supplies (enough to keep little girls busy for hours and hours and hours), Barbies, Poly Pockets, Kitchen, Musical instruments, Dress up clothes, play Make up, Mega Blocks, V-Smile, Puzzles, a full closet of games, Lite brite, side walk chalk, bubbles and stuff to use to make them, swing set, trampoline, bikes, scooters, out side variety of stuff, friends that live next door... kids have stuff (and more not named above because I am suddenly embarrassed about how much)....HOW COULD THEY BE BORED?????
This doesn't even include: play dates, weekly trips to see friends at MCyD's, the water park, church functions, going to the lake, spending weekend's with MiMi...
So, yes, I am ready for school to start so I can be bored!
I personally have two weeks of pre work to prepare for this years group of preschoolers and my college classes start this next week as well. DD6 is on the competition team at Dance and we will be doing Girl Scouts this year! Whew! Really it isn't as much as it seems. We will be home almost every night and won't be competing until much later in the year. Yes, they will be busy enough to forget how bored they were all summer.... right up till summer when they can be bored again!

August 20, 2007


Today was my very first PTA board meeting. Huh? When did this happen? I mean when did I go from the fun chick, to the soccer/dance/girl scouts/PTA mom? They need to pull us aside during one of our childbirth classes and explain. It is only a matter of time until we become "that mom". I guess what I am trying to say is...I missed it happening. I am happy where I am... I want to be involved with my girls and at their school. I want then to know...Mom will always be around church, school, and here or there. Hum, How come I don't feel like a grown up? This certainly all sounds really grown up? Hum....

August 6, 2007

Its been another month...a busy one!

Listen In: DD6 laying on the floor in the living room whining..."can you see me mommy?", "what errand are we are going to?" "can we go to the park today"....

View from office window: Wet plants... I just watered them

Plans for the day: Produce market, car wash, clean up, laundry, make a schedule....we are about to become very busy around here

Dinner menu: Not sure to above, plan dinner menus

Mood: antsy

So, we are back from vacation: Lampasas, Luckenbach, New Baunfels, Gruene, San Antonio, Sea World, and the River Walk.... I AM TIRED!!!!
We went on the first annual entire family trip. Me, DH, DD6, DD4, DMIL, DSIL. It was actually really fun! We had a great time. No fighting, no drama, and everyone got along just fine! We stayed at a very family friendly hotel: The Radisson Hill County. I highly recommend it for anyone willing to pay the price. This we did not do, gift from DMIL for early Christmas gift. Oh. so. very. worth it. Every night they had tons of activities for the kids to do: smores, face painting, balloon artist, hair wrapping. movies, well as live entertainment for the parents. It was great...not snotty at all! We had a blast!

Gotta run errands...more later!