March 30, 2007

A lull in the storm

Beauty in the common things: Dd6 reading by herself and loving it!

Listen in: Sporatic thunder currently a lull in the storm

Plans for weekend: Finish Laundry, take girls to Michaels in morning for craft, Star time and Church will round out our weekend.

Dinner plans: We had a wonderful Black Bean and Chicken Chili

Zone: Office...need to put away M&M's art work and organize book shelves.

Ok, drum roll please.......
I have planned my menu's for April!!!! YAH I found a great little web site called and I am in love. I love to have little lists and whatknot. I actaully have a completed Control Journal. Anyhoo, I printed out the Monthly Menu planner page and got busy. Now, the real test is to see if I actually do it!

Let's see, what else? I finally found a scrapbooking magazine that doesn't actually make me feel like a big ole fat loser mom...because I don't have M&M's each their own completed day by day exhustive, creative bound volume. And see the thing is that I am known for being rather creative and artsy! Except in this realm! Well, I am ready to get started on scrapbooking the pages that will actaully mean something to me in the long run!

See I am creative....look and DD6's birthday cake... ok, ok I admitt I took a little help from the store and Family fun magazine for the idea...but its cute...and I did it!

Time for a pamper me....bubble bath and a nice smutty book ; )

March 21, 2007

Wednesday..... Hump day : )

Beauty in the simple things: Little girls dressed in fairy wings

Listen in: DD4 playing in the kitchen

Plans for the day: Finish laundry ( 2 loads away), Declutter my closet by tossing the things I don't love and putting away the cold weather clothing, Do some office work for MIL, take another load of stuff to the attic!

Dinner plans: Roast sticky chicken, mashed potatos, and corn

View from the kitchen window: budding trees


Well, I finally finished cleaning the house after DD6's slumber party. Which, I might add, wore me OUT. She had a great time and really isn't that all that matters? I did learn a valuable lesson. Don't LEAVE The GLitter OUT!!!! Little sisters love to DUMP all THE GLITTER OUT!
Here is an example of the table...

I am just glad that our very busy weekends and weeks are starting to slow down! Hopefully, we can get back into some type of routine soon. Our home needs a routine. On MOnday night, we implemented some house rules. I already had some in mind..but I sat the family down and asked them what they thought were some good house rules...
Here is the list:

Show Respect to others: Be nice!
No backtalking or smart mouth with adults
No Potty Words
No Namecalling
Keep your hands to yourself
No taking others things
No Playing with others things or in others rooms with out asking first
Pick up your own mess
No Snacks with out asking except Fruit or Water
OBEY your Mommy and Daddy
Treat other with Love and Kindness

I thought they did pretty good. Every single rule I had thought of, both girls named during our family meeting. We will be posting our rules this week! A'la Super Nanny style ;)

So...enough procrastinating for one day..........

March 16, 2007


Beauty in the simple things: Sunset

Listen in: Total silence

Today we: Today we spent the day with my dad and family. First of all...I thought it would be fun to drive thru Dallas. Huh?, what was I thinking? Seriously???? NEVER AGAIN! When we finally got to McKinney, the girls were ready for the park! They spent a couple of hours there with my dad. They love spending time with him! We opened their Christmas presents. Yes, I said Christmas presents. Long story! Then Had supper at CiCi's. Then came on back to our side of DFW late tonight. I really should be cleaning my house for M6's birthday party tomorrow. But, no... I am sitting here procrastinating. That and I am actually tired! Really tired. Maybe I will go to bed and get up early in the morning and get it all done.....maybe! Some pictures of the park to enjoy....

March 15, 2007


I thought, I enjoy reading Julie's daily little insights to her house. So, as any good friend should do... I am going to copy her : )

Beauty in the Common things: Purple flowers in springtime

Listen In: M&M coloring with color wonder paper discussing whether or not I am going to like it. Also, Paula Dean cooking with her husband and kids on TV.

Today I plan to: Work on some office work for Debbie, go to the gym, and work at church later.

View From the Kitchen window: Beautiful Sunny Day!

March 14, 2007

I finally learned how to post a picture!...

Gotta Love little girls ready for church!

March 7, 2007

We're back...we're tired!

Oh my what a whirlwind weekend we had! The girls and I did not enter San Leon until after 10pm on Friday. Saturday brought beautiful weather and sunshine in the Bay Area! Monica and I spent a great afternoon puttering around, just enjoying each others company. Lunch at Estabans- nearly the highlight of my weekend. It is my singlemost all time favorite restarant in the entire world! Really it is! Then blew in the chilly weather Saturday evening. Just in time for the wedding I had to attend. It was at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in 7pm. It was the most beautiful church I have ever been in! Granted I have not been in many Catholic churches...but this one is so pretty. I had the chance to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in years. I am so glad I went. But, I wish more that Brent could have gone with me. Sunday, was the trip to the Rodeo. I took both DD's to see Hannah Montana and the Cheeta Girls. Oh, the screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My ears may never recover. I think I now know how the parents felt when we went to New Kids on the Block.... the screaming!!!! Hannah Montana was great and the girls loved her. The Cheeta Girls...well, not as good as Hannah Montana. Meghan loved her birthday present! Monday, the long, long drive home. We stopped at Julies house and stayed for dinner. Then came home. I was so glad to be home. Still have so much to catch up. We are getting there though! Sleep sounds really good right now.....

March 2, 2007

Headed South

Wish me luck as I head to Houston for the weekend!

March 1, 2007

Tired and Grumpy

Well, last night DD-3 went down hill with her illness again. We are on day 5, that I know of. I am not sure when she actually got sick because she was with MiMi. (Warning: Gross info ahead) Last night my friend Leslie offered to watch the girls. While there, DD-3 refused to eat and complained of a horrible tummy ache. End result was some of the worst diareah my friend has ever seen. That and a rise in temp. I am so frustrated because I can not make her feel better! She is tired all the time and that only makes it worse!

DD-6 is grumpy because the baby is getting all the attention. We are headed out of town this weekend and I actually fear the ride to Houston. Thank God for portable dvd players! She picked out her new bedding yesterday afternoon and is it girly! If you know her you won't believe she picked it out all by herself! Brent thinks it is ugly ; ) but she loves it and that is really all that matters!

Now...let's see what else I can procrastinate myself out of... I guess I better get this house clean! Ah, gotta remember to make sure the House fairy comes!