August 6, 2008

Beauty in the commom things: DH talking to his baby boy, his being home and snuggling with him in the mornings...before everyone wakes up! DH and DD5 sitting together in the large chair discussing the plans for sweet. And, yesterday...his painting her fingernails and toenails with hot pink polish!

Plans for the day: DD7 at dance camp, playdate at McDonalds...because it is wednesday and we always do, fold some laundry, bathe baby boy, and work on lesson plans for friend's baby girl.

Dinner plans: not sure, one of my McYaYa's is bringing dinner tonight

Listen in: DH watching the news, DD5 singing to baby boy and telling him I love You

View from the kitchen window: breezy banana trees

So, we are about to head over to McDonald's, have I ever mentioned I HATE McDonalds? Then we will come home and veg. DH is home and has been for weeks! I am certain my TV is about to explode from non-average use! Blessed silence when the tv is off is golden around here! Did I mention, DD7 has dance camp all week? There has been so much less fighting between siblings...that is a blessing too!

Must go get real clothes on and head out to McDonalds

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