December 27, 2009

A Novel Idea...

As ususal I can't sleep.   I just piddle around my house trying to find something important enough to keep me up at this hour.  Tonight, I claimed laundry as the culprit.  I don't know why I don't sleep at night.  I really have no idea.  It is one of the things I plan to work on.    I uploaded pictures to my Facebook account.  Success...something I have been meaning to do! Yes!  Then as I am sitting at my desk....piddling again. I read this: " Look around and consider your blessings.  Read this morning's newspaper, and be grateful for what Didn't happen to you.  Think about what you do have in a new light" ~ Lucy Swindoll.  


What a novel idea.  Consider what could befall you as a blessing because it didn't.  I mean really.  Think about this.  Wouldn't that change the outlook we start with everyday?  Mornings around here suck!  I mean really, really suck.  In a, just pray we make it through till midday kinda way... What a great idea, to be Thankful for the Blessings we have and More thankful for the things we were not Challenged with...and move on through the day.  I think I am going to try that.

I am very Thankful I was able to take this pretty picture on a girls weekend in Utah.................

December 19, 2009

Crafty Moments

Don't you just love these?  I made 9 of these Beautiful glittery ornaments last night. 
There was a large range of colors...I didn't manage to take pictures of the variety.
This particular ball was for my UT Alumni friends next door. 
Easy, somewhat inexpensive and Amazing looking.
Thanks to Kelli for the idea!

4am ramblings

I am so very Blessed. Shall I count the ways? I have a husband that loves me and works so hard...his working hard gives me the ability to work part time....which gives me the ability not to put my children in daycare...which allows me to be a much larger part of their life...which makes me happy. I have a job that is supportive and ladies to work with that are my dearest friends. I have life long friends that know all of my stories...both good and bad...yet love me completely anyway. I have three amazing children that bring me joy, some tears, and some frustration....that I love to the moon and back. I have a family...both immediate and extended and God given...that lifts me up when I am down, loves me, and believes in me. I have a beautiful home that is comfortable and safe. My husband has a job that provides for us well. I am loved and saved by my Lord and a daughter of the King....

Yes, I am Blessed. I AM BLESSED beyond measure. So, why is it that I forget? Do you ever do that? Just forget. I get so caught up in the schedule, the stress, and frustration of everyday life...I mean WHY is it that my children can remember every single lyric to any Taylor Swift song...but CAN NOT remember to flush the potty or pick up after themselves. UGHHhhhh Why is it that my hubby can not seem to anticipate what I need? Some days just a pair of ears to listen to my need to fix them. Just listen and say...Babe, your right....that sucks. Is it too much to ask that when I come home its a little bit better than when I left? Do you ever get that way...the little stupid things pile up and then your all mad and really it is for no reason. For me, then I have a hard time shaking it.

Well, I decided today...after a "proud" moment...You know one of those moments when you say...ya, I just blew it as a mom/ wife/ friend....fill in the blank. I had one. I had a rough preschool party day. Not a bad day... a rough day. There was an unplanned fire drill...meaning the fire department showed up because the alarm actually went off. Well, 13 four year olds in socked feet and no coats...down the stairs, out the door and to the football field we went. They were awesome. I love those kids. Ya, that completely threw off my morning. When I got home...I was tired and the kids were whiny, the TV was loud. I had all these gifts from my sweet kids. I wanted to open didn't happen at school because of the aforementioned fire alarm issue. The baby was in this, the The Diva was messing with that, The Drama Queen was arguing because of something, and the hubby didn't react fast enough. So, I blew up ( so proud) and sent myself to bed. God love that man...he let me sleep for over three hours. Refreshed! Renewed...realization....I was a Witch. They didn't deserved that because I had a rough day.

Common sense idea #1

Treat the family with the same consideration as I do EVERYONE else I come into contact with.

Common sense idea #2

They are kids. Remember....?

Common sense idea #3

I am overstretched and this leaves me irritable and less tolerant of my own family....(for the LOVE???)

So, starting now. I am going to do better, communicate my needs better, and be a better me....

December 18, 2009

Time Really Flies

Is seems like only yesterday it was summer.  We were enjoying hot weather, the beach, and of course Disney.  Then suddenly school started.  Life got busy and schedules became less than calm.  And, now it is freaking Christmas time.  Where did the time go? How did it become December already?!!!  Today the girls and I began our Christmas Break.  Wasn't it just, literly, Summer?  Wow. I vow to rest and relax....ok who am I kidding.  I have projects I want done.  We'll see...

September 21, 2009

A long overdue Update.....beginning with Vacation

As you may know we had a fabulous vacation this year. A road trip with the family and Brent's Dad, Karen, our niece Morgan, and her friend Florida! Disney World and several beaches. It was wonderful and we had a great time! There were many firsts and a lot of fun. Our trip started a 3:30 am on July 4th. We were packed in and ready to go. The girls were so excited. Our trip started with a detour. Brent had a schedule to keep ; ) I had detours to make : ) Our first detour was to Vivian, La. My beloved Mamaw and Papaw passed away several years ago. Mamaw passed away Sept 13, 2004. I have not been to visit her grave since her funeral. Many reasons...but mainly, it just makes it too real. I loved her sooo much. Well, we were driving thru Sheveport and that is really close to Vivian. So, I demanded that we go. Brent decided to find a "new" way to get there. hehe. It was a longer, scenic view...we eventually made it and I am glad that I went. I found that her date of death had never been inscribed on her tombstone...WHAT!!!! Apparently, the funeral home did not record her cousin is going to make it right. Thank You Ashley! So, a brief trip to Vivian was followed by...well...nothing. The next excitement was arriving at the Mississippi River....

We stopped at the Vistor's Bureau...Miss Mississippi was there greeting travelers...really? So...we got out and walked around. There is this hill that you can walk over to and there is a Civil War Cannon perched at the top of the hill. Uh...yes, I made everyone walk over there and check it out. As you can see the girls were not that excited and Braeden totally thought it was awesome! Meghan thought the river was really cool and also that the tug boat was cool too! I had to explain that the paddle boat wasn't something that we could to to...Casino's are not on my short list of places to take Meghan at 8. Yes, I spent the same summer in a Casino...but that was a different time and my story...not the story for my girls! So, saw the Mississippi River and a cannon for the first time! AWESOME...a little history thrown in there!
From the Mississippi River to Florida there wasn't anything cool to report. Brent just doesn't like to stop anywhere! If it is not on the schedule...he doesn't want to do it! Our final destination on this day was Pensacola Florida...which we made it to by late afternoon...
To be continued....

July 12, 2009

July 9, 2009

Beauty in the commmon things: sand in my car from the beach

Listening in: the girls watching Zach and Cody while Baby Boy fusses....

Dinner Plans: Anything but McDonalds...Anything!

View from the window: Beautiful hotel golf course and pools

Today is the last day we will be spending in orlando. It has been so much fun. Our hotel is beautiful and HUGE. We love the pool and grounds! So far on our vacation we have: visited the Mississippi river, Pensacola Beach, The Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney, Universal Studios, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, and lots of time in our hotel pool! There is going to be a shuttle launch tomorrow and we had hoped to see it on the launch pad. But, either it was in the hanger or it was too misty where we were! Either way it was a bummer not to see it. Right now Brent is golfing and we are hanging in the hotel room relaxing. Or rather they are and I am having some time on the computer. It has rained and rained and rained here! But, the weather was great anyway! I will post pictures soon!

June 23, 2009

Its hot!

Beauty in the Common things: laundry almost finished

Listen in: washer and dryer off!

Dinner Plans: I feel like soup

Plans for the day: finish the laundry, shampoo carpets, and finish sorting the mountain of handmedowns from the attic

My dear sweet DD6 is sick. Yesterday she was lethargic and laid in bed all day. Today after a decent amount of antibiotics and tyenol she feels all better! Why is it that they do not understand...sick means sick for more than 24 hours. She is so frustrated that she can't play out side.

so on Father's day Brent and I worked on cleaning up the backyard. I want it to be a place the kids want to play. Not that they Have to play there. I would like to add a tether ball and a big yard umbrella. Little chrismas lights along the fence to make it pretty at night. I plan to make these candle holders out of mason jars. So it will look magical. My banana trees are getting a little bigger everyday. The ones on the side of the house are really big! I once saw this really cute hop scotch that was made out of cement pave stones and painted very Mary Englebriet. I love her stuff so I think I may have to try that this year too.

I have a list of things I want to do this summer:

Go to a drive in movie

Take Braeden to the beach

Take the girls to a real rodeo

Eat Icecream I made myself on the back porch

Attend one festival somewhere

Pick berries somewhere or peas

Make pickles

Put up peas, peaches, and green beans

Make strawberry jam

Have a girls weekend away from my kids to scrapbook

make garden stones with the kids hand or foot prints in them

have snow cones with the kids

get a small pool and fill it with sand for them to play in ( make a cover to prevent the sand being used as a sand box!)

go to an outdoor movie somewhere

go to a state fair

go pole fishing be continued at a later date!

Blessings of friendship

June 19, 2009

Listen in: The tv in my room is on...Fox news (Brent's Favorite)
Plans for my day: Work, Summer Spectacular, and a sleep over for the girls
Beauty in the common things: the kids are asleep

So, much has happened in the last month. The girls both finished school and passed (duh). Braeden started really babbling and cruising on the furniture. But the most exciting thing for me is that my brother got married! Most of my friends know that I was not raised by my father. I, in fact never lived with him. I was allowed short visits once a year. Why? Never really asked. My mom was controlling that way I suppose. Anyway I met my brother when I was 13 and he was 7 ( I think he was anyway) it would be an understatement to say that we didn't like each other at first. I thought he was a spoiled brat and was super jealous of his getting all of our dad's attention. really took a long time for us to really become friends. I still don't see him as often as I would like. But, I consider him to be one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. We have two other brothers, isn't the same with them. They never knew a time when they didn't have a sister. To them, I have always been a distant part of the family. But, BJ and I had to OVERCOME the fact that we were brother and sister...does that make sense? Anyway, long story somewhat shorter... He has had his share of hard lessons learned. Haven't we all? and he has had his share of heartbreak. Again, haven't we all? But, a couple of years ago he met Stephanie. To be honest I was a little nervous about meeting his new girlfriend and introducing her to my girls. They tend to get attached quickly and I didn't want to go thru that again. They noticed the previous one was gone and I had to explain. (Which sucked) So, BJ brings her to meet me and let me tell you...friends. I was blown away by her. My girls IMMEDIATELY loved her and she made a point to befriend them. That really spoke to me! I remember thinking..."wow" she really spent time with my girls. I really liked that and by the end of the day...I felt like I had known her forever. Score big time for BJ! So, imagine how happy we were...when we found out that they were getting married! I really am so happy for them! I had obviously hoped that he would find someone worthy of him and that I would like. But, I never expected to be crazy about my new sister in law! She asked my girls to be in the wedding and so was I! Guys, I didn't even make it through the rehearsal without crying. I am so happy for them!!! I love my brother so much and I am so,happy he found his soul mate! ! I really didn't get any snapshots of them(except this one ). But as soon as I get a picture or two of the wedding I will have to post them!

So, now I am exhausted and really should be going to bed!!!

May 26, 2009

Gosh, has it really been this long?

Listen in: Meghan Reading while baby boy plays with the drawer handles

View from the window: trees blowing

Dinner plans: I have no idea!

Plans for the rest of the day: laundry and clean up my room. Post some things on Craigs List

Beauty in the common things: baby giggles!

How has it been this long since I last blogged? Time has really gotten away from me!All is well and super busy! Maybe tonight I will do a long newsy report! But, now I need to put baby boy down for a super late nap!

April 23, 2009

Beauty in the common things: baby sleeping in his own bed

Listen in: music playing from the babies room, wind out the window, and the fox news channel from my room.

dinner was: steak, asparagus, and potatos

Tonight I am sad. I am homesick. I want to drive down the beach and listen to the waves roll in. I want to hear seagulls and water laping the pilings. I miss home. I miss Monica and Autumn. I wish that San Leon wasn't 5 hours away. I want to go sit in the garage at Monica's and play cards or drive around without a plan to garage sale. I need time with my best friend. That person who knows so much about you that nothing is a suprise and they don't care anyway. I need that right now. I just feel sad. The Lord is trying to show me something and I am impatient to see what it is.

April 9, 2009

Listen in: Baby boy playing in his bouncy

View from the front door: a dreary morning that has all the promise of a beautiful day!

Dinner Plans: its McDonalds Night!

Plans for the day: Home with baby boy who is sick, the girls Easter parties at school, Mcdonalds with a half a dozen of my closest friends, Aunt Alana is coming to town, and I plan to clean on my house some.

Beauty in the common things: Bird chirping and blessed by the simple spring shower we just had

I can't believe it has been almost two months since I posted a message on my blog. Wow! Ok maybe I can...since I tend to be sporatic at best. Much has happened in our little corner of Texas! The best news is that DH finally has a better schedule! Instead of heading to work at 3am every day...he will work 1pm to 8pm. This is actually awesome! The options are not all that great in his job. We can get up as a family and go to bed as a family. Wonderful! I work alot in the evening we will all get home around the same time. This is terrific! Baby boy is crawling every where and pulling up on the furniture. The girls are super excited about this. He says Hi, Dada, ByeBye... I am working really hard on Mama. : ) The girls are doing well in school and just joined Girl Scouts! Which I am super excited about! I am working at both churches and trugging along as best as I can. Life is good!
Today is "spring Party" day at the girls school. Which is pc for Easter Party day! I will post pictures soon!

Love and Blessings

February 4, 2009

8n things about me...

Julie tagged me: dang it!

8 TV Shows I watch:


Two and a half men

Jon and Kate Plus 8

The Food counts


CSI Miami

Nothing Else comes to mind

8 Resturants I like:

Estbans (All time favorite!)


Olive Garden

Cheesecake factory



El Rancho Grande

Shady Oak

to be is screaming!
LISTEN IN: Baby boy grunting...he's trying to crawl...backwards


PLANS FOR THE DAY: Working this time... working again tonight.

DINNER PLANS: Breakfast for dinner, Eggs, Sausage, Buiscits, and baked French Toast.(a new recipe)

BEAUTY IN THE COMMON THINGS: freshly shampooed carpets

Today, I am relaxing. DD5 just came in and said "Mommy, I love you so much". She is good for my ego! DH is sitting here watching the biggest loser and it makes me thingk about going to the gym. Maybe next week. I need to get a game plan. I can't walk into the gym with no idea what I am doing. That would be to frustrating. Those two trainers are brutal! I think I need to go one there : ) maybe not. They don't have Dr. Pepper there. Can you imagine a world without Dr. Pepper. I would freaking die! I am taking some baby steps here. I have the house in control. Now the meals. Next the gym. Thats the plan!

Time to make some dinner : )

February 3, 2009

LISTEN IN: the news


DINNER PLANS: Beans and cornbread (tried a new recipe)


So, today I worked at ladies bible class and got to love on some sweet babies. Then I got to give them back...and love on my own sweet baby. Sure do love that little guy. He is getting so fast. Then we came home from the church and hung out at the house. I have really been working hard on meal planning...then actually eating those meals...because I actually cooked those planned meals. I seem to have a follow thru problem. Yesterday I made homemade pizza dough and sauce. That became homemade calzones. I also made banana bread from a new recipe. Yesterday's meal was a success. Today I made beans and cornbread. Not so sure I like these recipes. The girls have not come in from playing I don't have their opinion yet. I also shampooed the living room carpet. Man it looks better in here!
Baby is screaming. Till the next time!

January 30, 2009

Listen in: total blissful silence

View out the Window: Sunshine

Plans for the day: DH is sick, baby is sick, I am I guess I just need to have a girls night get together and clean my house. Logical right? Oh, and make baby food and cook for the freezer....

Beauty in the Common things: finding enough couch fabric to recover all the yuky pillows and having a Mammaw that taught me how to sew.

Dinner plans: Calzones

So, now DH is sick. Great. Men seem to fall to pieces when they are sick. Why is it that when we are continues to move forward? I dont' understand it. My babysiter went out of town today. DH was sick and couldn't spend the day taking care of baby boy? Not that I really expect an answer...and I don't mind. Its just one of those little things that puzzle me. So, I finally lowered the curtin rod inthe office and washed the sheers in there. Last night. I also found more of the lovely white fabric for my couch. Yes, white...just in case someone other than the two people I know actually read this. So, I sewed covers for the pillows and put pieces over the arms. I think the best solution would be a new couch. Not in the budget though. Let's see, I have decluttered 80% of the house. Flylady would be so pleased. I have given away 80% of the stock piled clothes from the kids. I took 5 loads of stuff to the church resale shop. I organized my kitchen. I organized my scrapbooking closet...the babys room...the laundry room...and a good portion of the office. I feel so free. I also don't sleep. But, who needs sleep. Oh, and major news to report. I have joined the gym...went to a "dance24" class and I have cut back on Dr. Pepper...2 a day. My medication helps wiht the psyco withdrawls I am sure I would be feeling other wise! Hehe. Baby boy is trying to crawl and is so freaking cute! He has three teeth and is still mostly bauld. So cute! My DD's are doing great in school and love that baby!

Enough for now!

January 28, 2009

No School Today...

Listen in: Baby Boy coughing and fussing

View Outside: Sunshine and dripping

Plans for the Day: Be lazy! Went to store for medicine, bought fire logs, took DH's laundry to the cleaners. Maybe do some laundry. Baby is crying and I gotta go!

January 27, 2009

A little catch up is in order...

Listen in: Fireplace crackling and sleet on the chimney

Beauty in the Common things: children sleeping

View outside: I have no darn cold to go look. Its dark and sleety. Good enough for me!

Dinner: We had breakfast for dinner. It was on the menu for tomorrow. That is going to be revised!

Plans for the rest of the night: stay up and make sure Brent gets up for work, upload pictures and post them, maybe some laundry.