October 15, 2008

Listen In: a train in the distance, my girls playing in their room, and the baby swing

Beauty in the Common things: baby firsts: finding his hands, smiles in the mornings

Plans: McDonalds Play dates, Awannas for DD5, Dance Class for DD7, and church for me

Dinner Plans: Breakfast for Dinner

Today is a quite peaceful day. I am busy but what is news about that? I read the sweetest book to my class..."The Oak inside the Acorn" by Max Lucado. I highly recommend this book. I almost cried...of course that could be the post pregnancy hormones too! So, DD5 has decided that she wants to go to Awannas every week instead of our church. I am ok with this because I loved Awannas when I was a little girl. This is her second week. Yep we are busy, busy, busy. I love it!
Baby Boy is sleeping almost all night now! WooHoo. That alone is worth celebrating. He smiles this adorable little baby smile when he sees me now. It just melts my heart! I love it. Right now he is fast asleep in his swing...which he loves! I better go get some house work done!

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Kristinsgirls said...

He is going to be so big when I finally get to meet him..not fair!