September 13, 2008

Early rise

Beauty in the common things: Baby Boy loving his swing that moves side to side

Listen In: Houston Channel 11 News playing on the digital antenna of DH's swanky tv

Plans for the day: DD7 is dancing at the mall later today and honestly: watching more coverage of this horrible hurricane.

Dinner Plans: I have no idea...something easy???

Prayer Needs for the day: My mom: she is possbibly going to wake up to find her home destroyed; My Family: I have several family memebers who are just now getting the brunt of the storm and they are scared; My friends in the Galveston/Houston area: same thing as mom and family; Baby Boy: that the reflux medicine really does work...had a good day yesterday; DH: that he finds happiness and financal peace with his work; myself: that I can figure out how balance it all and not leave anyone out.

So, it is 5:18 am according to my laptop...for those that may not know it...I DO NOT getup this early. But, I can't sleep. I am so worried about things I cannot do anything about. I have been able to watch almost continous coverage of what's going on down there, because Channel 11 from Houston is simalcasting up here on DH's fancy tv. I know you might say that constant watching only makes it worse. But, not for me. I actually have more peace knowing what is currently going on. Not a peace by any stretch of the imagination but I feel more in control. Not that I am...but I feel a sense of the control you get from information. By all account's this is a very bad storm and the outcome will Not be good. I want to know WHY in the HELL (sorry) people would want to stay home? WHY WHY WHY???? Why would people stay with their children??? WHY WHY WHY? I am angry at these unknown people. IF they want to play russian roulet with their own be it. But, why would they do it to their kids? I just don't get it?! The people that live across the street, well catycorner from my mom, stayed in San Leon. They are thinking they will be ok to ride out the storm because they have a warehouse building with a store onthe bottom and the home on the top. The weather service was estimating a 20 foot storm surge..on top of high tide. This is crazy! The ditches there flood if it rains! My mom's house is only 6 feet above sea level. Yesterday morning the water was at the bulk head at 8am, at 1pm or so...there was a foot of water in her house. That was the estimate from the crazy friends that did not leave. So, now it is 5:33 am and the second half of the storm is over San Leon, water is neck high in Galveston, and 82 mile an hour gusts in downtown Houston. Pray. For those people that stayed put!

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