June 23, 2009

Its hot!

Beauty in the Common things: laundry almost finished

Listen in: washer and dryer running...tv off!

Dinner Plans: I feel like soup

Plans for the day: finish the laundry, shampoo carpets, and finish sorting the mountain of handmedowns from the attic

My dear sweet DD6 is sick. Yesterday she was lethargic and laid in bed all day. Today after a decent amount of antibiotics and tyenol she feels all better! Why is it that they do not understand...sick means sick for more than 24 hours. She is so frustrated that she can't play out side.

so on Father's day Brent and I worked on cleaning up the backyard. I want it to be a place the kids want to play. Not that they Have to play there. I would like to add a tether ball and a big yard umbrella. Little chrismas lights along the fence to make it pretty at night. I plan to make these candle holders out of mason jars. So it will look magical. My banana trees are getting a little bigger everyday. The ones on the side of the house are really big! I once saw this really cute hop scotch that was made out of cement pave stones and painted very Mary Englebriet. I love her stuff so I think I may have to try that this year too.

I have a list of things I want to do this summer:

Go to a drive in movie

Take Braeden to the beach

Take the girls to a real rodeo

Eat Icecream I made myself on the back porch

Attend one festival somewhere

Pick berries somewhere or peas

Make pickles

Put up peas, peaches, and green beans

Make strawberry jam

Have a girls weekend away from my kids to scrapbook

make garden stones with the kids hand or foot prints in them

have snow cones with the kids

get a small pool and fill it with sand for them to play in ( make a cover to prevent the sand being used as a sand box!)

go to an outdoor movie somewhere

go to a state fair

go pole fishing

....to be continued at a later date!

Blessings of friendship

June 19, 2009

Listen in: The tv in my room is on...Fox news (Brent's Favorite)
Plans for my day: Work, Summer Spectacular, and a sleep over for the girls
Beauty in the common things: the kids are asleep

So, much has happened in the last month. The girls both finished school and passed (duh). Braeden started really babbling and cruising on the furniture. But the most exciting thing for me is that my brother got married! Most of my friends know that I was not raised by my father. I, in fact never lived with him. I was allowed short visits once a year. Why? Never really asked. My mom was controlling that way I suppose. Anyway I met my brother when I was 13 and he was 7 ( I think he was anyway) it would be an understatement to say that we didn't like each other at first. I thought he was a spoiled brat and was super jealous of his getting all of our dad's attention. Anyway...it really took a long time for us to really become friends. I still don't see him as often as I would like. But, I consider him to be one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. We have two other brothers, but...it isn't the same with them. They never knew a time when they didn't have a sister. To them, I have always been a distant part of the family. But, BJ and I had to OVERCOME the fact that we were brother and sister...does that make sense? Anyway, long story somewhat shorter... He has had his share of hard lessons learned. Haven't we all? and he has had his share of heartbreak. Again, haven't we all? But, a couple of years ago he met Stephanie. To be honest I was a little nervous about meeting his new girlfriend and introducing her to my girls. They tend to get attached quickly and I didn't want to go thru that again. They noticed the previous one was gone and I had to explain. (Which sucked) So, BJ brings her to meet me and let me tell you...friends. I was blown away by her. My girls IMMEDIATELY loved her and she made a point to befriend them. That really spoke to me! I remember thinking..."wow" she really spent time with my girls. I really liked that and by the end of the day...I felt like I had known her forever. Score big time for BJ! So, imagine how happy we were...when we found out that they were getting married! I really am so happy for them! I had obviously hoped that he would find someone worthy of him and that I would like. But, I never expected to be crazy about my new sister in law! She asked my girls to be in the wedding and so was I! Guys, I didn't even make it through the rehearsal without crying. I am so happy for them!!! I love my brother so much and I am so,happy he found his soul mate! ! I really didn't get any snapshots of them(except this one ). But as soon as I get a picture or two of the wedding I will have to post them!

So, now I am exhausted and really should be going to bed!!!