November 26, 2008


Listen In: Brent flipping channels, dishwasher, and laundry

Beauty in the common things: Ice cold Dr Pepper

Dinner: Tacos ( funny story to follow...)

Today I: spent the day being lazy with the girls, took a nap when hubby got home, went to the bank, bought baby boy a Bumbo chair, and of all places walmart! Hubby spent the afternoon ( is still currently smoking a brisket and ribs)

So, today I already explained I was lazy. It was very lovely to sleep in! I love to spend the morning in bed. Mornings would be fine if they didn't come so freaking early in the day! The girls were really sweet and quietly watched cartoons until I got up this morning. We straightened up the house...such a never ending job..and then they spent the rest of the day- literally playing outside. Madison had dirt everywhere when she came in- YUK But, they had fun. Apparently Meghan and Austin washed Justin's truck with a spray bottle of water. They have decided to start a car washing business at 50 cents a car and when they reach $100 they are going to give the money to the American Heart Association. Isn't that sweet? I really hope that Justin knew they were going to wash his new truck. I think he has had it for all of two months. Hum...I am glad I wasn't home for this event. I had left to go buy Baby boy a Bumbo chair. I finally found one at KidtoKid for 21.00. A pretty good deal I think. It is lavender...I did call and confirm with Brent that he would not freak out that I had bought his little boy a lavender, I mean Purple, Bumbo chair. Let's just call it Purple. My favorite color. Ya, that's why I got it :) So, I get home and make dinner. Well it seems that one of my very sweet, generous little girls has taken my can of refried beans to the food pantry. Huh? They seem to always grab what I am planning to use and I never seem to notice before hand. Now it seems I have to go to Wal-Mart on the night before Thanksgiving for a can of refried beans. Me and everyone else in town! It took forever!!!! The girls made their gift lists. Ya, they seem to have thought I am made of money. I had the fun of explaining that just because it is on the list doesn't mean they are going to get it. Kids. Gotta love them!

Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2008


Listen In: Baby swing, Bedknobs and Broomsticks on the TV ( I loved this movie as a child and DD7 had decided she does too!)

View out the Window: Dark

Beauty in the Common things: Peaceful nights

Dinner Plans: fend for yourself...had McDonalds Day today

So, today I took Baby boy to the doctor for his 4 month check up and shots. I hate the shots part! He now weighs 14lbs and 10 oz and is 27 inches long...and he is getting his first tooth~!!!! This makes for a very adorable and grumpy baby! Dr. Davis told me to stop freaking out about his large soft spot and the little ridges I can feel...he assured me this would smooth out and be fine. Ok...between us...I am still freaking out about it! He is eating food now too! We have had: cerals-he hates those, apples, bananas, pears, and carrots. He loves Carrots! I think I will do green beans next. That should be fun. I made all of his veggies baby food myself. Not that it was organic veggies, steam them, and puree in the blender. Done! I got these way cool ice tray things for baby food at babiesrus and I love them. You can freeze the babies food in these little 2oz wedges. So, I have baggies of Carrots, squash, sweet potatos, and green beans in the freezer. The fruit I have been buying at the store in premade jars.
Yesterday was American Heros day at the girls school. I will post pictures later. DD7 was Sacaqweah? and DD5 was Sally Ride. I wanted her to be Krista McColluff..but I deciede that might be in poor taste. DD7 wants to learn to scrapbook and make signs with me. I dont' know if I am ready to let her loose with my scrapbooking supplies. But, It does give me a good Christmas present Idea for her.
So, a friend of mine tagged me:

Seven random things about me:

1. It took me 5 summers to learn to waterski and I never was able to use a kneeboard. The first time I did get up on the ski's, I was so shocked I just let go!

2. I have to stop and read the historical markers on the roads I drive by, I just think it is so interesting to know what happened here before. I love history! Last summer, on the way to Luckenbach we stopped at a road side historical marker to find a hundred year old school still had a well in front. Very cool!

3. Along those same lines...I have a British coin in my car that was minted in 1875! Think about who could have had it. Back then only the very rich had money and coins to spend. Wow!

4. I met my DH in the college bar hangout Shenanigans. My roommate wanted to introduce me to her boyfriends bull riding partner. I remember thinking...please let the cute one with the great eyes be mine! Thank the Lord for being in the wrong place at the right time! By the way...her boyfriend was NOT a bullrider and DH was not his partner! : ) Now you know that is funny!

5. I refuse to live where I have to drive thru cornfields and will not live near active fault lines either! But, to those who will....More power to ya!

6. I wish I lived in the country, on a farm, and didn't have to do any of the physical labor! I actually miss having to get Mammaw's special brand of fertilizer...or actually I just miss my Mammaw! I know she is watching over me though.

7. Hurricane Ike destroyed my hometown on the same day of the year that my beloved Mammaw died. September 13. Isn't that wierd? Not really about me...but I just realized that a few days ago and it really freaks me out!

Ok, I tag...

It says we have to do seven...I don't know seven Julie is picked!

Ok, I am tired and I am going to bed!

November 22, 2008


Listen In: Food Network on, Baby B Laughing in the swing

View from the window: Breezy, cold trees

Plans for the day: relax, a quick trip to Kohls, working on crafts, and work later

Dinner Plans: Hashbrown Soup and rolls

Beauty in the Common things: Fall Leaves and Holiday Dinner

So, last night we had our holiday pictures was a lot less of an ordeal than DH acted like it was! Baby boy was even cooperative. Not much else going on! Stressing about the Holidays. But, isn't everybody?

Enjoy the pictures of my little angels:

November 14, 2008

Girls Night Out

Listen In: baby snoring in the baby swing, girls playing something, DD7 reading to sister from a great big book about dogs, and wind

View Out the Window: sunset and blowing trees

Plans: today I worked, came home...relaxed, and I am about to go out to dinner with my girl friends

Dinner: see above

Beauty in the Common things: a clean house


Finally a cold front is blowing in. November should never be warm enough for tank tops and capri's. At least I don't think so! This week has flown by! I was sick with a stomach bug that has been running rampant through my community. YUK. I just hope and pray the girls and baby don't get it. DH can take care of himself. I would of course feel sorry for him...but it would be much, much less work on my part. On Sunday afternoon, one of my girl friends had a Holiday Open house. I took my signs and the photo braclets I have been making. I was so nervous about putting myself out there like that. But, my crafts were recieved well. For that I am Thankful. I even got in a night of scrapbooking in. That was a treat! The girls are getting ready to have a play date at a friends house and all the moms are going to dinner! No kids! Whoo Hoo! Well maybe the baby. We'll see. Other than that...pretty boring around here...

Until next time

November 10, 2008

Life at hour house

The last several days we have been pretty laid back around here! The girls spent a long weekend with thier Aunt. Baby boy stayed home with me and daddy. Saturday some favorite Ennis friends dropped by to visit. I don't get to see them often enough so this was a treat! Sunday, I had a Holiday Open house and took my signs and the bracelets I have been making. I was really, really nervous about it. It went very good! THis week promises to be great! I have a test at school tomorrow but I think it will be fine! That's about it!

November 3, 2008

My week in Pictures

Baby B is the cutest Bear ever!

DD7, DD5, and DH as the Overprotective Daddy

DD5 is a High School Musical Cheerleader

DD7 is Hannah Montana...we used her dance costume from tap...she was a little too grown up looking for her Daddy

My sweet Baby Boy is 3 months old now

Isn't he just precious?

DD5 and I enjoyed a class fieldtrip to Mainstay Farms Pumpkin Patch. Much better than when DD7 went. It was sunny and cool this time and not cold and rainy like 3 years ago!

Life is getting back to normal now. DS is sleeping all night long (most nights) and school is a better routine now. I am not as busy as I have been in the past. DH and I made the difficult decision to withdrawl our girls from dance class. We need to be more frugal and it was simply too much extra expense. DD7 is understandablely upset but she is being a big girl about the whole thing. Thank the Lord for his blessings! So, we have more free time together as a family. The girls are getting excited about the holidays and making their lists. This year is going to be a much scaled down event at our house. What about you?