November 26, 2008


Listen In: Brent flipping channels, dishwasher, and laundry

Beauty in the common things: Ice cold Dr Pepper

Dinner: Tacos ( funny story to follow...)

Today I: spent the day being lazy with the girls, took a nap when hubby got home, went to the bank, bought baby boy a Bumbo chair, and of all places walmart! Hubby spent the afternoon ( is still currently smoking a brisket and ribs)

So, today I already explained I was lazy. It was very lovely to sleep in! I love to spend the morning in bed. Mornings would be fine if they didn't come so freaking early in the day! The girls were really sweet and quietly watched cartoons until I got up this morning. We straightened up the house...such a never ending job..and then they spent the rest of the day- literally playing outside. Madison had dirt everywhere when she came in- YUK But, they had fun. Apparently Meghan and Austin washed Justin's truck with a spray bottle of water. They have decided to start a car washing business at 50 cents a car and when they reach $100 they are going to give the money to the American Heart Association. Isn't that sweet? I really hope that Justin knew they were going to wash his new truck. I think he has had it for all of two months. Hum...I am glad I wasn't home for this event. I had left to go buy Baby boy a Bumbo chair. I finally found one at KidtoKid for 21.00. A pretty good deal I think. It is lavender...I did call and confirm with Brent that he would not freak out that I had bought his little boy a lavender, I mean Purple, Bumbo chair. Let's just call it Purple. My favorite color. Ya, that's why I got it :) So, I get home and make dinner. Well it seems that one of my very sweet, generous little girls has taken my can of refried beans to the food pantry. Huh? They seem to always grab what I am planning to use and I never seem to notice before hand. Now it seems I have to go to Wal-Mart on the night before Thanksgiving for a can of refried beans. Me and everyone else in town! It took forever!!!! The girls made their gift lists. Ya, they seem to have thought I am made of money. I had the fun of explaining that just because it is on the list doesn't mean they are going to get it. Kids. Gotta love them!

Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!


Kristinsgirls said...

I took that trip to Walmart the night before Thanksgiving. I thought it was crazy b/c it is the only store in town. Apparently not. 18 days and counting until I come see that sweet baby!

Julie said...

you seriously need to update your blog. : )