All About Me

Hi Y'all!

Welcome to my world!  I am a Wife, Mother, Christ Follower, Friend, Cook, Teacher, and Lover of all things crafty! I am wife to Brent and mom to The Drama Queen, The Diva, and The Pirate...and if you ask the kids...two cats as well: Sir Gray C and Blacky.  Most days you will find me shelping my kids around town to school, church, or softball practice.   I love to cook and I am always looking for good homemade recipes to try.  I have NEVER been able to bake successful bread and try over and over!  I have taught preschool in local churches for 7 years and have served in some capacity or another at our church.  Last year we moved from the GREAT State of Texas to Georgia and we are slowly finding a new normal in our lives!  This is my place to chronicle those things that are successful, or not...make me happy or sad, share those crafts I have made over the years and how to make them,  and share our families new adventure in fitness.   I hope you will find something in my world that is useful, makes you happy, or that you can create in yours!


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