August 26, 2010

Listen in:  Fan on high, the news on in my room

What we did today: school and Baby Bubba and I slept in...way in!

Dinner:  I made the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti.... OH MY YUMMY

Beauty in the common things: my desk is cleaned and organized

So, my girls have a new Principal and by all accounts he is a wonderful, Christian man.  I love this.  They love it too.  What they do NOT love about the new Principal is the no talking for 10 minutes at lunch rule.  What?  I would be in trouble all the stinking time if I had to follow that rule!  REALLY?????  I mean, I get the whole reason behind it and all.  If they are not talking...then they are likely EATing. I get that...But, man what a difficult task :)  other than that...I think they love him!!!!

And, now I am going to craft.  Something I have not done alll summer! 

August 23, 2010

A New School Year... Wonderful, Just Wonderful...

Listen in:  the news on in the other room

Today was:  the first day of school

Plans for the night:  maybe finish stinking Mount Washmore...I mean really....wasn't I JUST finshed with that????

Beauty in the Common things:  wonderfully tired children all snug in their beds

So, today was the first day of school.  One fabulously awesome 4th grader and one totally adorable 2nd grader walked proudly into their school.  I am sooo excited.  See all the extra o's?  That shows just how excited I am!  Why?  Well, quite honestly...they were freaking driving me totally NUTS.  Yes, I know, I said it out loud.  That's ok, because the first step of recovery is admiting there is a problem.  I admit it...they are making me nuts!  Why?  Because I had all these wonderful plans for the summer.  Um...we really didnt do any of them.  Wait...not true.  We did a couple of things:  Went to Dublin for the Dr. Pepper festival.  Yes. I was over stinking joyed to do that!  We went to a drive in movie to see Toy Story, ya.  Thats it.  BORING mom!  Next summer will be better.  This time I mean it!!! : )    We did stay up late a LOT and we slept in a lot... and Megs did go to camp 3 times.  Maddiecakes even went to camp Mimi and they had sleep overs and caught frogs.  Ate Icecream and drank too many cokes.  We saw an Owl, skunk, and a beaver in the lake.  They chased ducks at the park, rode their bikes, chased butterflies, drew with sidewalk chalk, went to VBS...twice.   Went roller skating, rode the jet ski, fished with dad, played in the mud, played in the rain, played in dark, chased fireflies, cats, and baby rabbits.They colored, they glued, they played chase, baseball, freezetag, and watched fireworks...twice.  They read books, watched way too much tv, too many movies, and hours of cartoons.....  So maybe we didn't "GO" anywhere fun...but they did get to be a kid.  We didn't do the big vacation this year.  We just stayed home...but it seems like they had enough to do.  Sometimes, its so easy to forget that they need to be kids.  They need to be little.  They need to make mistakes to learn how to do it right.  I forget that sometimes.   So maybe, I just learned something :)