May 25, 2010

Listen in:  airplane flying overhead, a bird chirping, and the sound of the fan whirling above me

Beauty in the common things:  a freshly cleaned carpet

Plans for the day:  I spent the entire day at the girls school

Dinner plans:  Taco Tuesday

So, a little back history/venting...I am the yearbook chair at the girls school.  I had a helper person...and she well...didn't help.  So, it became my baby.  This experience has been nothing short of a nightmare and I am so glad it is over.  Almost.   We recieved the final printing of our yearbook today...and it is STILL screwed up.  This responsibility falls on the shoulders of me...yet it was mainly the production company.!  I can assure you they will assume no responcibility and will lay all the blame on me.  I can't control or change this fact.  But, I still feel like I let down my kids at my school.  I am defeated over this and I am angry and sad. 

May 24, 2010

Time for a new look...

Today it was time to have a new bloggy look.  I did it all by myself with a little bit of help from  hope you like it...if you do...go visit Shabbyblogs!