March 1, 2007

Tired and Grumpy

Well, last night DD-3 went down hill with her illness again. We are on day 5, that I know of. I am not sure when she actually got sick because she was with MiMi. (Warning: Gross info ahead) Last night my friend Leslie offered to watch the girls. While there, DD-3 refused to eat and complained of a horrible tummy ache. End result was some of the worst diareah my friend has ever seen. That and a rise in temp. I am so frustrated because I can not make her feel better! She is tired all the time and that only makes it worse!

DD-6 is grumpy because the baby is getting all the attention. We are headed out of town this weekend and I actually fear the ride to Houston. Thank God for portable dvd players! She picked out her new bedding yesterday afternoon and is it girly! If you know her you won't believe she picked it out all by herself! Brent thinks it is ugly ; ) but she loves it and that is really all that matters!

Now...let's see what else I can procrastinate myself out of... I guess I better get this house clean! Ah, gotta remember to make sure the House fairy comes!

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