August 6, 2007

Its been another month...a busy one!

Listen In: DD6 laying on the floor in the living room whining..."can you see me mommy?", "what errand are we are going to?" "can we go to the park today"....

View from office window: Wet plants... I just watered them

Plans for the day: Produce market, car wash, clean up, laundry, make a schedule....we are about to become very busy around here

Dinner menu: Not sure to above, plan dinner menus

Mood: antsy

So, we are back from vacation: Lampasas, Luckenbach, New Baunfels, Gruene, San Antonio, Sea World, and the River Walk.... I AM TIRED!!!!
We went on the first annual entire family trip. Me, DH, DD6, DD4, DMIL, DSIL. It was actually really fun! We had a great time. No fighting, no drama, and everyone got along just fine! We stayed at a very family friendly hotel: The Radisson Hill County. I highly recommend it for anyone willing to pay the price. This we did not do, gift from DMIL for early Christmas gift. Oh. so. very. worth it. Every night they had tons of activities for the kids to do: smores, face painting, balloon artist, hair wrapping. movies, well as live entertainment for the parents. It was great...not snotty at all! We had a blast!

Gotta run errands...more later!


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