April 18, 2007

Actually getting some things done today

Beauty in the common things: mudpies

Listen in: back door opening and shutting over and over and Wham playing on Sirius Mix.

Dinner Plans: Spaghetti and garlic toast

Plans for the day: Clean-clean-clean, followed by laundry...church then bed

Not sure where all the energy came from! I have really accomplished some things today! The laundry is mostly caught up and the house is mostly clean. As long as I am 15 minutes from clean enough for company... I am happy! DD6 brought home her school pictures today. They are so pretty! I am very excited about that! But, then again she is a pretty little girl!
I found the teacher I was telling you about. She was stunned that she felt like she influenced my life so much.

So here in my challenge to you...
Look up a teacher that meant something to you and let them know. Most schools have web addresses now and most have a list of faculty names and contact links! You may be suprised who you find and they may be suprised that you remember them!


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Julie said...

Wow, I had to catch up on your blog. It's been a few days since I have read it. Very cute pictures!! And I agree with you about teh teacher thing. I still keep in touch with my favorite teacher, Mrs. Parks. She was my 5th grade teacher and then my 7th grade teacher (small school). I think I will write her a note. She will think I'm nuts for having 7 kids, but that's okay. : )