March 30, 2007

A lull in the storm

Beauty in the common things: Dd6 reading by herself and loving it!

Listen in: Sporatic thunder currently a lull in the storm

Plans for weekend: Finish Laundry, take girls to Michaels in morning for craft, Star time and Church will round out our weekend.

Dinner plans: We had a wonderful Black Bean and Chicken Chili

Zone: Office...need to put away M&M's art work and organize book shelves.

Ok, drum roll please.......
I have planned my menu's for April!!!! YAH I found a great little web site called and I am in love. I love to have little lists and whatknot. I actaully have a completed Control Journal. Anyhoo, I printed out the Monthly Menu planner page and got busy. Now, the real test is to see if I actually do it!

Let's see, what else? I finally found a scrapbooking magazine that doesn't actually make me feel like a big ole fat loser mom...because I don't have M&M's each their own completed day by day exhustive, creative bound volume. And see the thing is that I am known for being rather creative and artsy! Except in this realm! Well, I am ready to get started on scrapbooking the pages that will actaully mean something to me in the long run!

See I am creative....look and DD6's birthday cake... ok, ok I admitt I took a little help from the store and Family fun magazine for the idea...but its cute...and I did it!

Time for a pamper me....bubble bath and a nice smutty book ; )


Julie said...

What's the name of the scrapbooking mag???

Mrshappy said...

simple scrapbooks

Julie said...

Ok. I will have to look at yours and see if I like it. :)
I like simple things. Real Simple, Simple Scrapbooks...