May 9, 2007

A little soggy....

Beauty in the simple things: Freshly rained on grass

Listen in: Birds chirping in the creek, Allie sniffing

Dinner Plans: Crock pot ham and homemade scalloped potatos

Plans for the day:
Clean, Clean, Clean!

View from the window: Wet Trees, ever so slightly blowing the breaze

So, the current news in our life is that I have finally made a plan to go back to school and finish! I have always planned to teach in some form or fashion. I enjoy working with the little guys at preschool. But, I hate being broke! Of course it cost more for me to work full time and pay for childcare than it does for me to work part time at I work part time at the church and love it! DD4 will be in kindergarten in Fall of 08, so I am hoping to complete all the course work I can at TCC to be able to enroll at UTA in the Fall of 08. That gives me 6 semesters if I count the summer. I really do not have many options for summer courses right now because the ones that I had enrolled in are not all required at UTA. So, I dropped the two that would not count and ended up with only one for the summer. In the fall I will take College Algebra, Biology for Science Majors with lab, and some thing else that will count. In the spring it will be Statistics, 2nd Biology for Science majors with lab, and something else that will count, along with Math for Teachers. Summer I and Summer II will be some miserable combonation of science and math courses. But, if I do this, then fall of '08 I should be able to enter the college of Education and begin the course work left to me there.
That means I would graduate 15years after I graduated from High School. That is kinda sad but I have a beautiful family to show for it and 10 years real world experince already under my belt. So, I guess it isn't so bad after all!

Time to clean, clean, clean. Oh, and teach myself math before next fall!

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Julie said...

so proud of you!! :)