June 8, 2007

Its been one long couple of weeks

Beauty in the common things: the girls are home

View from the window: breezy trees and overcast sky's

Plans for the day: Dress rehearsal for the girls recital, a little bit of shopping, and a lot of laundry

Dinner Plans: something along the way

Listen in: the phone ringing and girls playing with Allie and Sir Gray C

Well, its been a while since I have had time to Update the blog here.

DD6 passed Kindergarten...She is most proud to tell you..over and over again...she is now a 1st grader! She also learned to ride her bike with out any training wheels! She is also learning to swim without a life jacket~ We are very excited about all of that!

DD4 is really ticked off that she does not get to go to Kindergarten next year and spend every day with Ms. Andrews! She is kindergarten teacher of the decade to my girls! DD4 is her usual cute and funny self! She makes me laugh all the time and well...sometimes she is just not cute enough to avoid getting in trouble. We are working on our letters and writing this summer....

Dh works, works, works, and mows~ He also inherited his dads boat that they had growing up. Um, this is no blessing...as the boat had sat in dry dock forever and was not in anyway taken care of...as long as I have known him. But, DH can "see it" as it was in all its glory and plans to make a long extended job of restoring it to its former glory. I am not so sure that is possible...but we will see.

Me? I did get registered for a class this summer, and have a plan for the next semester. I am going to do what I can this year and focus more on it when DD4 enters kindergarten...scheduling will be much less complicated! I have been very, very busy for the last few weeks with compiling our VBS crafts. We go to a huge church...so crafts means 20 rooms for 3 nights with 4 things to do each night. Big job...but I love it! I am finished with all that I can do between now and actual VBS, which starts on Monday. Then I will be able to relax!!! I am sad because with the cost of gas these days...it doesn't look like I will be able to go home this summer. I really need a home fix. I desperately miss my friends! I am starting to feel alone again because Julie has officially moved to to Ennis. Even though they have lived there for a year..temporarily. That makes me sad...even though I know its the best move for their family! Now if we could just do something about the price of gas...that would be less sad in a way! Anyway, consider my blog updated!


My sweet girls after their dance awards

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