March 16, 2007


Beauty in the simple things: Sunset

Listen in: Total silence

Today we: Today we spent the day with my dad and family. First of all...I thought it would be fun to drive thru Dallas. Huh?, what was I thinking? Seriously???? NEVER AGAIN! When we finally got to McKinney, the girls were ready for the park! They spent a couple of hours there with my dad. They love spending time with him! We opened their Christmas presents. Yes, I said Christmas presents. Long story! Then Had supper at CiCi's. Then came on back to our side of DFW late tonight. I really should be cleaning my house for M6's birthday party tomorrow. But, no... I am sitting here procrastinating. That and I am actually tired! Really tired. Maybe I will go to bed and get up early in the morning and get it all done.....maybe! Some pictures of the park to enjoy....

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