March 21, 2007

Wednesday..... Hump day : )

Beauty in the simple things: Little girls dressed in fairy wings

Listen in: DD4 playing in the kitchen

Plans for the day: Finish laundry ( 2 loads away), Declutter my closet by tossing the things I don't love and putting away the cold weather clothing, Do some office work for MIL, take another load of stuff to the attic!

Dinner plans: Roast sticky chicken, mashed potatos, and corn

View from the kitchen window: budding trees


Well, I finally finished cleaning the house after DD6's slumber party. Which, I might add, wore me OUT. She had a great time and really isn't that all that matters? I did learn a valuable lesson. Don't LEAVE The GLitter OUT!!!! Little sisters love to DUMP all THE GLITTER OUT!
Here is an example of the table...

I am just glad that our very busy weekends and weeks are starting to slow down! Hopefully, we can get back into some type of routine soon. Our home needs a routine. On MOnday night, we implemented some house rules. I already had some in mind..but I sat the family down and asked them what they thought were some good house rules...
Here is the list:

Show Respect to others: Be nice!
No backtalking or smart mouth with adults
No Potty Words
No Namecalling
Keep your hands to yourself
No taking others things
No Playing with others things or in others rooms with out asking first
Pick up your own mess
No Snacks with out asking except Fruit or Water
OBEY your Mommy and Daddy
Treat other with Love and Kindness

I thought they did pretty good. Every single rule I had thought of, both girls named during our family meeting. We will be posting our rules this week! A'la Super Nanny style ;)

So...enough procrastinating for one day..........


Julie said...

okat, time for an update!!!!! It's been over a week! :)

Julie said...

I meant to say "okay" not "okat"