January 30, 2009

Listen in: total blissful silence

View out the Window: Sunshine

Plans for the day: DH is sick, baby is sick, I am sick...so I guess I just need to have a girls night get together and clean my house. Logical right? Oh, and make baby food and cook for the freezer....

Beauty in the Common things: finding enough couch fabric to recover all the yuky pillows and having a Mammaw that taught me how to sew.

Dinner plans: Calzones

So, now DH is sick. Great. Men seem to fall to pieces when they are sick. Why is it that when we are sick...life continues to move forward? I dont' understand it. My babysiter went out of town today. DH was sick and couldn't spend the day taking care of baby boy? Not that I really expect an answer...and I don't mind. Its just one of those little things that puzzle me. So, I finally lowered the curtin rod inthe office and washed the sheers in there. Last night. I also found more of the lovely white fabric for my couch. Yes, white...just in case someone other than the two people I know actually read this. So, I sewed covers for the pillows and put pieces over the arms. I think the best solution would be a new couch. Not in the budget though. Let's see, I have decluttered 80% of the house. Flylady would be so pleased. I have given away 80% of the stock piled clothes from the kids. I took 5 loads of stuff to the church resale shop. I organized my kitchen. I organized my scrapbooking spot...my closet...the babys room...the laundry room...and a good portion of the office. I feel so free. I also don't sleep. But, who needs sleep. Oh, and major news to report. I have joined the gym...went to a "dance24" class and I have cut back on Dr. Pepper...2 a day. My medication helps wiht the psyco withdrawls I am sure I would be feeling other wise! Hehe. Baby boy is trying to crawl and is so freaking cute! He has three teeth and is still mostly bauld. So cute! My DD's are doing great in school and love that baby!

Enough for now!


Kristinsgirls said...

I am one of your readers who is the other one? Where are th pics you were going to put on here?

Strength4HISCalling said...

Hi Ms Happy,
I found your blog while checking Julie's. Just wanted to say thank you- thank you for all the baby things. I am always amazed at how God always works things out.
You are a huge blessing. Thanks! Melissa