April 9, 2009

Listen in: Baby boy playing in his bouncy

View from the front door: a dreary morning that has all the promise of a beautiful day!

Dinner Plans: its McDonalds Night!

Plans for the day: Home with baby boy who is sick, the girls Easter parties at school, Mcdonalds with a half a dozen of my closest friends, Aunt Alana is coming to town, and I plan to clean on my house some.

Beauty in the common things: Bird chirping and blessed by the simple spring shower we just had

I can't believe it has been almost two months since I posted a message on my blog. Wow! Ok maybe I can...since I tend to be sporatic at best. Much has happened in our little corner of Texas! The best news is that DH finally has a better schedule! Instead of heading to work at 3am every day...he will work 1pm to 8pm. This is actually awesome! The options are not all that great in his job. We can get up as a family and go to bed as a family. Wonderful! I work alot in the evening anyway...so we will all get home around the same time. This is terrific! Baby boy is crawling every where and pulling up on the furniture. The girls are super excited about this. He says Hi, Dada, ByeBye... I am working really hard on Mama. : ) The girls are doing well in school and just joined Girl Scouts! Which I am super excited about! I am working at both churches and trugging along as best as I can. Life is good!
Today is "spring Party" day at the girls school. Which is pc for Easter Party day! I will post pictures soon!

Love and Blessings

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