April 23, 2009

Beauty in the common things: baby sleeping in his own bed

Listen in: music playing from the babies room, wind out the window, and the fox news channel from my room.

dinner was: steak, asparagus, and potatos

Tonight I am sad. I am homesick. I want to drive down the beach and listen to the waves roll in. I want to hear seagulls and water laping the pilings. I miss home. I miss Monica and Autumn. I wish that San Leon wasn't 5 hours away. I want to go sit in the garage at Monica's and play cards or drive around without a plan to garage sale. I need time with my best friend. That person who knows so much about you that nothing is a suprise and they don't care anyway. I need that right now. I just feel sad. The Lord is trying to show me something and I am impatient to see what it is.

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