July 9, 2009

Beauty in the commmon things: sand in my car from the beach

Listening in: the girls watching Zach and Cody while Baby Boy fusses....

Dinner Plans: Anything but McDonalds...Anything!

View from the window: Beautiful hotel golf course and pools

Today is the last day we will be spending in orlando. It has been so much fun. Our hotel is beautiful and HUGE. We love the pool and grounds! So far on our vacation we have: visited the Mississippi river, Pensacola Beach, The Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney, Universal Studios, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, and lots of time in our hotel pool! There is going to be a shuttle launch tomorrow and we had hoped to see it on the launch pad. But, either it was in the hanger or it was too misty where we were! Either way it was a bummer not to see it. Right now Brent is golfing and we are hanging in the hotel room relaxing. Or rather they are and I am having some time on the computer. It has rained and rained and rained here! But, the weather was great anyway! I will post pictures soon!

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