June 29, 2013

More Lesson's from the Road!

One thing that you learn while on an extended road trip with your kids is that an extended road trip with your kids is a BAD idea.  Really.  Really.  Bad.   Why? Might you ask...

Here are some of my reason's taking an extended road trip is a BAD idea...in no particular order:

1.  Single parenting.  I give major props to all the single parents and grandparents out there.  It is hard.  It sucks.  YOU NEVER GET A BREAK.  As in...I would like 5 minutes of peace.  Just five flipping minutes.   Is that to much to ask? Only five measly MINUTES!!!  Before I become the mom from that movie!  "No More WIRE hangers!!!!"  OK maybe that is an exaggeration but not by much! geez.  I miss Captain America taking some of the load.  A lot.

2.  Did you know that driving for long periods at a time will make your butt hurt?  No?  Me either. I do Now!!  I am kinda hoping for a sweet benefit from it and my body is tricked into thinking I did some squats or something but I imagine that isn't likely.  Bummer.   I miss the hubs driving and MY sleeping.  That is just a win win situation...I sleep, no sore butt, and the drive is soooo much faster.

3.  Kids fighting.  All the damn time.  That is all.

4.  The shear amount of junk my kids are allowed to eat.  Not only by me...because I am VERY guilty of this crime...but everyone else too!   Whine, whine, whine.  McDonald's will stop the whining?  Boom, making an illegal u turn and screeching in on two tires.  To SHUT it UP!   Ice cream for breakfast?  Apparently this is a THING at Mimi's house.  Who knew?  Not me!  So is a freezer full of ice cream sandwiches, corn dogs, and other microwavable goodies!  Happy, Happy, Happy kids.  Man they are going to HATE it when we get home!

5.  There is simply NOT enough time to do everything you might have imagined in your planning.  Never.  Here a week, two weeks, a month.  I will NOT see everyone I want to.  I will NOT eat everywhere I want to.  I will NOT do everything I want to.   I will be exhausted, run ragged, and frustrated.  That is a promise.
There will be Friends with their feelings hurt, family with theirs hurt, and dang it I can't do anything about it.  I can't.  I can only be in so many places at one time.  It is physically impossible to please everyone and I have GOT to learn to stop trying.

6.  Missing my husband.  I am not going to even pretend that this doesn't SUCK.  In the last couple of years since we moved to Georgia...we have had to depend on each other so much more.   Being away from him this long is seriously killing me.  I am ready to go  home.  Home is Georgia now.  Funny how that happens isn't it.

7.  Packing mishaps.  Now what I mean by that is that I packed WAY to much of this and not enough of that.  I really didn't' need to bring any of the Pirates toys but we did anyway.  The Diva and the Drama Queen have too many clothes and my Tahoe looks like Sanford and Son when it is fully loaded.  For Real y'all!  Not enough socks but thirty Super Hero Toys.  Packing Fail Mom!

8.  Spending Money.  Bye Bye, Bye Bye to my money!  Mom, I want this!  Mom, I have to have THAT!  Mom, lets go here.  Mom, I HAVE to go there!  Mom, Mom, Mom!!!!

9.  Sleeping on someone else's bed.  Really.  I don' t even have to explain this.  Right?  Sucks BIG Time!

10.  And Last but not least.  The DRIVE HOME.  I am in equal parts joy and dread at the thought of the drive back home.  Oh my GOSH is that going to suck.  Really.  It is.  But, the prize is at the end of the drive.  Whoop, Whoop.  We will be home!  I can't Wait!

However, just so you don't think this has been all misery.  Here are some of the great things we have done.  Ready?

Vicksburg Civil War Park
The Gray Homecoming
Ate at The Pelican Lodge ( a personal favorite of mine!)
Visited with Uncle Billy
Went to Ennis, twice
Watched Monsters University at the Drive in
Went to the Sunflower Fields
Looked out from Love's Lookout on hwy 69
Went to Aunt Lajonda's house
Went to Mamaw's House
Went to Aunt Monica's House
Went to Autumn's House
Went to Dad and Val's house
Ate at LaBrisa
Ate at my favorite Chinese resturant
The kids went to the Friendswood Concert in the Park
Drove Go Carts
Had Snow Cones
Went to the Imax
Went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science
Went to Leslie and Sharon's house
Got to check out Leslie's rock collection
Drove on a Back Hoe
Golf Carted to see the animals on the farm
Went to a Wedding
Went to Meemaw's and Grandpa's House
Went to Urban Air
McDonald's A LOT
The Drama Queen went to Camp
The Diva went to the Horse Races
The Pirate hunted Pirates
Watched Fireworks
Ate BBQ- Texas Style
Went to Elizabeth Crockett's Grave
Walked around Downtown Fort Worth
Went to the Dentist.
Went to Summer Spectacular
Went to NRH2O
Played at the TreeHouse.

And we have another WEEK!!!!  No Wonder I am tired!  For Real!!!!

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