July 8, 2014

It,s been a year and life has moved forward

Listen in:  quiet hum of the ac, ceiling fan, and cat roaming around
Plans for the day:  organizing the study
Dinner plans:  Mexican I think
Beauty in the simple things:  the Pirate curled up in a ball with his blankie

So much has happened in our life since last year.  I have thought often...I should blog that but never made a point.  Well.  We are going to try this thing again! 

It is summer again.  Pools, Texas Road Trips, driving.  More driving.  Oh my word.  We are loving life!  Promise.  We did just about as much as last year.  Our days just stay busy. 

What is new?  A Lot.  First of all Captain America and I bought our first House!  It has been a long time coming.  A LONG time.  We are so very in love with our home.  I am still working to give it our touch but we have only been here two months...so it is coming! 

The biggest news other than that is.... drum roll.   We are homeschooling our kids this year.  The two little ones.  I am using K12 Georgia Cyber Academy.  Did I love the school they went to last year?  YES.  A lot.   Loving the school isn't the issue.  The issue is that My Diva has those pesky migraines and is absent almost weekly.  Seriously.   That often.  She is constantly playing catch up.  So, we are trying something new.  Not everyone in our family agrees but it isn't their child. 
End of debate there.

Anyway, I finally have somewhere to be crafty...so that should be fun!  That's about all folks.

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