June 25, 2013

Lesson's from the Road Trip

In no particular order...these are some of the things I have learned over the last three weeks:

*If there is a rest stop in view...all of my kids will need to pee.  Even if they just did 3 miles back. EVERY SINGLE TIME

*We grow an awful LOT of corn in this country

*No matter how appealing the side trip is...one of my kids will NOT want to go.

*Gas is cheaper in Mississippi that anywhere else.  Period.

*The more rural theWal-Mart...the stranger the people inside.

*I prefer the company of my husband to just about everyone else on earth.

*Some things Never Ever Change.  No matter how far between trips you wait.

*Texas is Damn HOT

*Whataburger is worth the drive the first time you have it when you have not had it in a long time.  Not really so much the rest of the trip

*A full sized cooler will fit between the bucket seats in a Tahoe.

*The toys my son swore he had to have are just taking up space and ticking me off!

*It is worth the drive to Texas for my favorite hair salon, dentist, and doctor.

*Sunsets in Texas are prettier than anywhere ELSE on earth.  I am pretty sure of it anyway!

*Tex Mex is also sooo worth the drive!

*Kids keep growing even when you move away and you WILL be shocked when the little girl you left is a young woman.  Crazy.  Seriously. Crazy

*No matter how much you want to stop at a remote grave yard along the way...the destination definitely out weighs that desire!  Dang it.

I am SURE there are more revelations to come!

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