January 17, 2010


I did not set a New Years Resolution.  There I said it.  I really more like whispered it.  Why not?  Everybody does. Well, honestly....because I have decided not to set me self up to fail. I like systems and plans and charts and files...I like things to be organized and neat...everything has a place and everything in its place...  My life just doesnt work out that way...it never has...so, as a result...I am not resolving to do anything.  I am  instead going to make a list of things I would like to accomplish in the coming year.  I am not giving myself a time line...therefore I will not fail.  My list goes like this...

Read the Bible in 90 days.  (the reading schedule....it doesn't matter if it takes me all year)
Complete Couch to 5K training...
Make menus and stick to them
Keep my house respectable
Take my kids to the park...often
Use my Museum Membership...often
Cut my Dr Pepper intake...(those that know me...know that it is ridiculous!)
Complete Creative Correction~ the Bible study
Lose 30 pounds
Go to the following places:   pick your own patcha "real" farmers market,  the wildflower farm
Make strawberry Jam...
sew the stinking patches onthe girls sashes for Girl Scouts
clean out my extra closet
get rid of the clutter crap in my house
make a budget and follow it to the penny!

So, we'll see  : )


~Amy Jo~ said...

Good for you, girl! Love your list.

(I want to make strawberry jam with you. Pleeeeeease?)

Mrshappy said...


Julie said...

Your list is almost identical to mine. haha Guess there's a reason we're friends! Too bad we live so freakin far from each other!