September 11, 2012

Squirrels in the attic! What?!!!!

We've been invaded. I'm two ways torn by this. 1) I am a die hard soft heart when it comes to soft furry creatures. I will literally wreck my car rather than run over an animal! There was this one time in college that involved: a poor, poor family of raccoons, dark curve in the road, and fog. Let's just say I am STILL traumatized over that one. Seriously. Anyway, I digress. 2) I can NOT stand repetitive noises. Anything over and over again is going to make me flip my lid! So. The freaking squirrels. Three weeks ago I informed the property manager about the squirrels. Did they do anything? Ha! No. Not until I was forced to be all grippy at the office. Today maintenance comes to "trap" the squirrel. Strike that. The squirrels. As in a whole family. As in BABIES! I do NOT kill babies. So now we have an issue. How do we get the squirrel family safely out of my attic? I am all ears for suggestions!!!! Really. Help me!!!!!

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