February 22, 2010

Beauty in the Common things:   Meg helping her sister read

Listen in:  Maddiepaddycakes reading to Meg...Meg being kinda bossy and maddycakes telling her to hush it!

Dinner:  I am sad to say it was KFC

Plans for the rest of the night:  grocery store and fold that last load of laundry!

View....its dark and cold outside...warm and snuggly in the house!

I am, or rather I should be getting my coupons in order and heading to the grocery store.  Its late and I had really hoped to do it today....but my migraine did NOT allow for that today.  Nothing on my to do list was done during the afternoon.  But, I am going to do some of it now.  After I go rock the baby to sleep.  It seems dad does not have the patience to do that!  more later!

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