June 27, 2015

Our annual adventure in Texas is coming to a close...

Listening in:  DMIL cleaning her kitchen while the Pirate is watching The Princess and the Frog

View from the kitchen window: well really its a patio door and it is Fort Worth at Twilight

Joy in the little things:  knowing that Capitan America will be here in a couple of days

So, once again my little family finds itself in Fort Worth, Texas...a place that makes us all more than a little happy.  Of course time has flown and we haven't' even seen everyone on our list of people to see... we never do.  There just isn't enough time.  Our summer in Texas is coming to a close and this year for the first time...I am READY to head back to Georgia.  I have plenty of things to do when I get home but first I think it is always important to list what we have enjoyed while here in Texas.  I am usually so busy that it seems like we do nothing! So here goes:

Visited High Island
Walked on Crystal Beach
Road the Bolivar Ferry
Went to Graduation at Alvin High School
Graduation Party
Visited my Great Aunt LaJonda , Uncle James, Jimmy, Jarrod, and Peyton in Baytown
Road the 4-Wheeler
Went Mudding on the 4-Wheeler
Ate Mexican food!!!
Ate Whataburger
Went to Galveston Island State Park
Visited my Great Aunt Joan
Spent time with my Mom
Visited with Starla
Attended Summer Spectacular at The Hills Church of Christ
Went to Steel City Pops (yum!)
Visited Mee Maw and Grandpa in Granbury
Went Fishing with Great Grandpa
Played Cards with Mee Maw and Grandpa...I won...once
Went to Lone Star Park for the Horse races
FRONT ROW Tickets for Gary Allan
Spent Father's Day with my Dad
Saw my little brother's new house
Went to Church with my other little brother and his family
Went to Church at Fellowship and had the great pleasure of seeing Willie and Korie Robertson Interviewed and it was Awesome!!!
Went to Ennis and stayed with the Jones' and it was so great!
Drive in to see Inside Out and Tomorrow Land
The Pirate saw Jurassic Park in 3d
Went to see Cinderella at Bass Hall in Fort Worth.  Wonderful.
The Diva and went with Mimi to see Les Miserables at Casa Manana
Went to the Food Truck Park
The Princess and her Aunt rode bikes all over Fort Worth
Went Swimming
Went to Baseball games
Went riding on the Golf Cart
Went to the Mall
Went to Rosa's
Went to Estaban's
Went to La Brisa
Went to Salsa Limon
Went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

And...we have 4 more days to go!!!  I am sure I missed something!  I always do.  No wonder I am tired!  Seriously!


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