April 20, 2012

Its been awhile

Listen in:  the perfect quiet of the morning
Plans for my day:  continue researching homeschooling
Dinner: homemade Lasagna
Happiness in the small things:  ice cold Dr. Pepper in my favorite cup!

So, its been awhile since I found my way to bloggyland.  It has been kinda busy in our lives.  Brent is working a lot and loves it.  I am finding my niche in the my new normal.  Getting used to being a real stay at home mom has definately had its ups and downs.  But, I am getting it figured out!  The girls are doing ok in school here but they are NOT happy.  That being said we will be homeschooling them next year.  It has been decided and decreed.  Now I am in the process of making a curriculum for them.  I will post more about that at another time.   We are making friends.  I met  a great lady right across the street and she and I hit it off.  I am so glad to finally have a girlfriend.  She would fit right in with my beloved ya-ya's.  I miss my ya-ya's : (  Life in Georgia is good though.  I am happy.  Very happy!

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