December 13, 2010

Something to think about....

 So, you know that we will be moving to Ga in the early summer...provided that my DH gets the final ok from the folks doing the hiring for his dream job.   I am uber excited about this move.  Somewhere new...its old, has history, is close to WHITE sand beaches...there are mountains and trees.   I know its not Texas but it is different and that is sooo cool.   I don't tell DH this...but these are my worries:
Will I be able to buy Dr. Pepper.  Seriously, this is a major concern.  Do they have Sonic and does that sonic have Dr. Pepper and frito pies.   What if that is just a Texas thing?  Or Hobby Lobby.  What does one do if there is not a Hobby Lobby around.  What if we can't find a church?  You know one we really, really like.  What if I don't make friends?  What if the distance is to far and those friends I love here....forget me?   What if there are not any good scrapbooking stores nearby...or worse...what if no body does that?  What if my girls don't find good friends.  What if they Hate me forever for making them move?    What if we hate it there?   What if we can't buy Blue Bell icecream???   What if my cat runs away because we move him?  What if our stuff in the U-haul gets stolen and we have nothing?  What if the tv anchors on the evening news suck?  You know, what if they do Not play good music on the radio?   What if my girls are behind when they start school?  I have been in that place as a child and I never really caught up?  I struggled in math for the rest of my school career.  What if I can't find anybody I like as much as I like my friends here?  All these what ifs....
See here's the thing.  I know that GOD has a plan for us.  For my DH, for Me, for our family.  I know that these worries are human worries.  They are flesh worries.  I do not need to worry these worries because I have been told to worry about nothing and instead pray about everyThing.  Because, just as GOD provides for the lillies and the birds he will provide for me.  That means that those little things I worry about...have Big God given solutions...because he ALREADY knows whether or not I will even want a Dr. Pepper when I get there, he knows who my friends are and who they will be.  He has already opened the door for this move to be blessed and because he has done that...I will NOT worry about the things that GOD has already taken care of.    I will instead do this:
I will spend the rest of the time we live in Texas enjoying all the greatness that is TEXAS.  We may move but we will have awesome memories to take with us and family and friends to come back and visit.  We will not be gone forever...even if we never move back here.  See, my HOME is whereever my husband is.  As long as I have that...home can be anywhere.

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Julie said...

You WILL make friends. They WILL have Dr Pepper. You WILL find a church that you love. They WILL have scrapbooking stores there. But, sadly to say, they do not have Sonic in Georgia. At least not when I went there. They have a Sonic knock-off called Crystal's. It has really good iced tea.
I love you!! And we will never ever forget you <3 Now quit making me cry!!