August 26, 2010

Listen in:  Fan on high, the news on in my room

What we did today: school and Baby Bubba and I slept in...way in!

Dinner:  I made the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti.... OH MY YUMMY

Beauty in the common things: my desk is cleaned and organized

So, my girls have a new Principal and by all accounts he is a wonderful, Christian man.  I love this.  They love it too.  What they do NOT love about the new Principal is the no talking for 10 minutes at lunch rule.  What?  I would be in trouble all the stinking time if I had to follow that rule!  REALLY?????  I mean, I get the whole reason behind it and all.  If they are not talking...then they are likely EATing. I get that...But, man what a difficult task :)  other than that...I think they love him!!!!

And, now I am going to craft.  Something I have not done alll summer! 

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